Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer Vacations

We have enjoyed several great vacations this summer, so we thought we'd post some pictures from each. They're in order from the most recent trip: the cruise, Disneyland, California, Lake Powell and Bear Lake.

Waiting to board the ship!

Wearing the awesome lifejackets

Don't worry, we're not actually touching those whistles that who knows how many people have put their mouths on ... it's just pretend :)

Flying a helicopter! kinda

checking out all the cool planes and stuff.

This was a cool one with huge missiles

Formal night modeling

Snorkel time!

My sister, brother-in-law, mom, cousin Dakota and P-man

We caught tons of mini crabs. Every now and then they'd actually be able to pinch you, but most of them were too tiny.

After snorkeling

The chocolate buffet's amazing decoration! Most of it is made of real watermelons!

The dragon ice sculpture

Our elephant towel with Preston's glasses :)

Monkeys and bananas ... two of Preston's favorite things!

Cool Mexican men ( fake of course)

Sitting in front of the window at dinner

The Matterhorn with my in-laws!

Woohoo ... riding the carousel

Our wild ride ... Mikayla is a crazy driver!

Hat stop

Classic California Adventures family photo

Playing with Mickey's new princess toys


Aw ... the cutest couple ever

Trolley ride in Toon Town

Minnie Mouse

Macho Prestonian ... the little boy in the window is impressed :)

I have a funny face cuz Preston was trying to push me off ... :(

Gorgeous 3-D glasses

Grrr ...

Cool new swim suit. The green parts are velvet :)

I love the sunset!

Matching outfits ... oh boy

Looking out at the beach one last time before we go home

Close up!

Kim, Trip, Preston and me!

All the family after going through the Newport Beach temple

Hot stuff

Yay for temples!

Temple grounds are always so pretty ... exhibit A

We're in Lake Powell!!

Playing the Great Dal Muti in the shade

Look at the eyebrow

First time at Bear Lake

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yay for blogs!

Here we are! Jumpin on the bandwagon of blogging :) Hopefully, we can keep it up to date and keep in touch with all you good friends! So, enjoy and keep in touch!