Saturday, June 11, 2011

18 Months

I hope you're ready for pictures! I had the camera out all day on Thursday because Brayden turned 18 months and I felt that it was worth documenting. Even with some narrowing down there are so many pictures! But, I'm sure all of you who don't get to see Brayden in person can appreciate it at least. 

Here's a few things about Brayden at 18 months:
  • He talks all day long, but we still don't understand hardly anything
  • His favorite toy is Mommy's cell phone and iPod (and you should see him navigate those things!)
  • He loves most fruits, but doesn't care for many veggies. Favorite fruit is blueberries for sure and favorite veggie is broccoli.
  • He has regressed to whining at diaper changes and kicking until the diaper is off. He's a generally happy boy, but doesn't smile and giggle at just anything. You'll see in the pictures that he's mostly very serious for the camera.
  • On occasion he will close his door, get his binky and blanket and put himself down for a nap. Of course I always go in to say goodnight, but it's pretty cute.
  • He's a sweaty little boy! It only takes a minutes or two in our Florida heat until he's sweating all over.
  • He loves to do actions to songs. His regular favorites are "If you're happy and you know it," "The wheels on the bus," "Itsy bitsy spider," "Shake your sillies out," "Head shoulders knees and toes," and finally he will always smile when we sing "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" while tossing him up.
  • He reads scripture stories each night and then "kneels" at his bed for prayers. 
  • He kisses his picture of Jesus goodnight anytime we lift him up to the wall.
  • He gives the best kisses with a smack sound and all.
  • He loves Sadie dog and follows her around when she's inside.
  • He always wants to help hold Sadie's leash during walks.
  • He's found a new interest in baby gear. He's wanted to sit in the bouncer and insisted on pulling out the walker so he could walk in it.
  • He still cries when Mommy holds little babies, but is doing very well with letting kids his age share her attention.
  • He knows where Baby Brother is and will pat my belly.
  • He wants to stand up in his bathtub a lot these days and has started to aim his squirting toys to try and squirt me.
  • He has a little toilet that works as a stool as well, so whenever we go to brush his teeth, he tries to pick it up and move it. Sometimes successfully, but usually with help.
  • He is fascinated with toilets and watching us go to the bathroom and then helping us flush, but he doesn't have the desire to try it out yet.
  • He has never tried splashing in the toilet, which I am very grateful for! We've had one toy that got dunked once, but it's been a while.
  • He can recognize all his standard animals that he sees and can point them out when we ask.
  • He knows a lot of shapes, but struggles with his colors.
  • He loves when strangers give him attention.
  • Cars is his favorite movie and now whenever I mention cars (whether I'm talking about his toys or anything else) he gets way too excited and brings me the movie so he can watch.

I think that's a pretty good list for now. There's so much to tell about him! He's growing up so fast! As soon as he starts talking so I can understand he will seem so old! I think he'll be a great big brother! But, he'll have a little hard time with sharing Mom's attention in the beginning. Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

Breakfast. I pulled out some cheerios and oatmeal and asked which one he wanted. He looked at both then pointed at the cupboard and picked out Oops All Berries. He got his Daddy's sweat tooth for cereal.

drinking ALL the milk out of the bowl.

More please!

Playing with the iPod on his bed.

Giving Sadie a hug while she asks to go outside

"Le me get that for you Sadie"

Walking Sadie girl

Playing with a balloon

Climbing on the rocking footstool and trying to move it back and forth. He's fearless.

Time for binky!

Getting blanky too.
Sitting with Daddy after his nap. They were cute and matching!

A face we see a lot these days. He's had teeth poppin out like crazy and there's more coming! He likes to chew his lip and tongue though.

Like father, like son. I also love his little squat :D

Smile for Dad

Finding Mommy's teeth
Finding the nose

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands. . .

. . . if you're happy and you know it clap your hands. . .

. . . if you're happy and you know it then you're face will surely show it!

Turning on his Animal Scramble game.

Tagging the animals

Getting his back massage

Playing with Sadie

Sadie won. . .

Daddy came to help tug of war with Sadie

Brayden and Daddy won that time.

Being sad because Mommy said no more iPod

But, Daddy comes and tickles him and "roughs around" to make him happy.

He loves his Daddy

Next age milestone: 2 YEARS!!!!