Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hope you had a good holiday!!

We had SO much fun in Utah over the holidays and we didn't want to leave. 3 1/2 weeks really flew by! We got to go skiing, see the lights at temple square, visit the temple, and go to zoo lights/ see Santa too! But, the best part was all of the family that we got to spend time with! We played lots of games and had some good times catching up. I have so many pictures and stories, but I'm still so busy they'll just have to wait.

We need to get a car by the end of the week. . . any good suggestions for car shopping? Seriously, we have no clue.

We're also unpacking and getting over our flu/colds. So, for now, just know that we had a blast and that I have so much to tell you all!

Thanks to all those who were able to make it to Brayden's birthday parties!! I have thank you's coming. . . I'm just really slow. It was so good to see so many friends! We miss all you back in Utah, but we're glad to be able to see everyone in Tallahassee!