Thursday, September 6, 2012


Brayden is just a joy.  His tantrums are practically gone and the crying and hitting is fading as well.  He's getting much better at expressing himself through words instead.  He says some of the funniest things too.  He tipped over Preston's scooter a couple weeks ago and I think I must have said something about that "being bad news."  Now he refers to almost any bad decision as "bad news."  Haha.  He also says "tonight" whenever referring to a time.  So he'll say we did this tonight. . . even if it was yesterday or earlier the same day.  Does that make sense?  He says his own prayers now and there's usually something in there to giggle about.  He'll say "Thank you for Ranch dressing"  or "Thank you for Mommy, Daddy (no and. . . we're practically one person). Thank you for Mommy. Thank you for Mommy play with me.  Thank you for trains.  Thank you for Mommy, Daddy."  Haha.  Then he'll do his proud laugh when he's done and say "I said prayer about Mommy Daddy!" (or whatever else).  

I really try to stress the principle of choosing to be happy with Brayden.  So, when he does get in a frustrated mood or get upset about something, I'll remind him that we need to find a way to be happy.  Or I'll tell him that instead of getting stressed and upset when Zander cries he could try to help make Zander happy.  (that did wonders!) Anyway, when we were in Utah, Brayden asked for the iPad and then said "iPads make me happy."  Hahaha.  Earlier this week we were pulling out the train set (his new favorite game) and he did his little giggle and said "trains make me happy."  I just love that boy.

In our family scripture reading, we're using some children's scripture books and we were reading about when Christ calmed the sea.  He really like the story because we were rocking him like the boat and it was thundering outside so it was a perfect setting.  Then we told him how we need Christ to calm our lives sometimes and he was very attentive.  Not sure how much he grasped, but it was very darling.  The last 2 or 3 days he keeps wanting to read that story again :)

Isn't it Nice. . .

When your kids are all asleep?  Yes.  Yes it is.  I bask in the silence when I have the chance.  For his nap, Brayden piled up a bunch of his favorite stuffed animals and asked to sleep on the floor with them.  Oh the silly things that kids do.