Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day of Baking

The Johnsons invited us over for dinner on Friday night and we volunteered to bring dessert. The only request was no chocolate. So, I pulled out my nifty iTouch and opened the app "all recipes" which came up with a few that looked good. I couldn't decide since I had never made them before, so I made 3 different ones! All in one day! It was pretty fun. Brayden and I dropped Daddy off at school then headed to the store for a few ingredients. Brayden was ready for a nap when we got home, so I planned on just getting it all done while he slept. Of course life happened. This time "life" happened to be Sadie digging up all my peppers and burying all the lettuce! Isn't that what garden boxes are for?? After fixing the garden I got started and finished 2 of the 3 desserts while Brayden slept. He's a good napper :) He helped me make the cheesecakes and was very upset when I had to put him in his walker because he was doing a little more messing up then helping. We had a close call with the electric mixer and Brayden trying to grab it. Not good. BUT, we survived with all our fingers.

Banana cookies with NO SUGAR!! This is just the "dough." They're actually pretty good, but I might have cooked them a little long because they're a little chewy on the outsides? Oh well, they're healthy and good.

Raspberry bars . . . so yummy and EASY!! cake mix, butter, oats and raspberry jam with a little water. Yum.

Here are my "homemade" muffin cups because I forgot to put them on my shopping list. They worked great though!

The cheesecakes turned out great, but I forgot to take a picture of them in the end. We had cherry topping on them too.
Here's Sadie entertaining Brayden. All she has to do is run by him and he squeals. It was so so cute, but every time I tried to video, Brayden would look at the iTouch and Sadie would bring me her ball. You can see one of his little squeals as he runs away from Sadie before he loses interest though.
If I were really awesome, I'd post the recipes for you. . . maybe I will. I'd like to be really awesome :) But, not yet. Really awesome will have to wait. However, I will tell you that Dollar tree sells raspberry jam and cherry topping! I was excited.

General Conference in our house

General Conference today was fabulous! Not only because there were some great messages, but also because Brayden was only awake for half of the morning session :D That makes a huge difference in my ability to truly listen. Here's some little pictures/videos of our family watching General Conference. As always, Brayden loved the music and would watch intently during each song. The rest of the time he was very busy trying to get the computer, my iTouch that I was taking notes on and some OnYums that we were eating (as you'll see in the videos). 

For those of you who weren't able to watch conference today, join us tomorrow!! It's not every day you get to listen to a prophet of God and apostles speak to us. It's from 12-2pm & 4-6pm Eastern Time. You can just go to the church's website to watch online.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

My birthday gifts!

On my actual birthday I got some clothes & birthday money from my mom and Preston gave me a "Super Special Birthday Week" schedule, which was the gift of his time to make the whole week special. Each day was themed (bowling, movies, our favorite tv shows, swimming, games and dinner by Preston). I thought those were pretty good gifts, but then the next day I got both of these in the mail ...

Abiie G2G Babydeck stroller!
I ordered this from (awesome site!) to replace the one that the airlines broke. So, it may not really be my birthday gift, but I don't have to pay for it and I was super excited to get it! Look at it ... it has a baby changing station that flips out! So nifty!

iPod Touch - 4th generation!!
My new favorite gift EVER! Unfortunately, I saw the package with my name and opened it up not knowing that Preston was hoping to have it be a surprise that he could see me open. Oops. . . But, I do love it! It has a camera, external speakers and has already been so helpful! I listed to the whole Sept. Ensign while I did things with the iTouch in my pocket. Love it. 

We also went out to Olive Garden to celebrate on my birthday, so here's some pictures of that. I'm wearing one of my cute birthday shirts from my mom!

Here's each of us with our favorite parts of the meal.
Brayden: breadsticks.
gobbled them up.

Angie: The never-ending pasta bowl!
I knew what I wanted before I got there!

Preston: The salad.
always his Olive Garden favorite.

As you can see, I had yet another wonderful birthday! With some extra wonderful presents. :D

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Habits Start Young

Brayden loves to brush his teeth! His TWO teeth. Hehe. What a goof. 

It all started with his obsession watching us brush our teeth until I finally got him his own from Dollar Tree so that he'd have something else to grab than my toothbrush. Now he'll put it in his mouth and try to brush his teeth like a big boy. He likes to suck the water out of it too :) He gets the biggest grin if I help him make the "brushing sound" on his teeth. So cute. So silly. So Brayden.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Love Boys

especially these boys! They're the best!

Pictures are compliments of the Porters :) Thanks!