Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Little B

Sometimes I'm silly and don't want to post pictures unless I have stories to go with them or something. But, tonight I don't really feel like writing out long stories that I'm not even good at telling, so you just get to enjoy the pictures. There's a bunch of them, but I just couldn't pick the "cutest" ones with such a cute boy! I love him so much! I don't know what I did to get so lucky to be his Mommy, but I'm so grateful he's mine. Also grateful that his fever is practically gone. I'll admit I was worried! Thanks to Meagan and Brinley for coming over and distracting me from any worry. It was tons of fun. Love the play dates. Here's my cute Brayden!

check out the gelled hair :)

New favorite pastime

Pictures from today:

the first picture that shows his teeth!! Usually his lip blocks them in the pictures.

His new toy from the "one week boutique" says "so big" when you sqeeze the hand (along with other things), but Brayden did this all on his own. Cute kid.

Halloween prevew. . .sort of. He's actually going to be a little lion, but we borrowed this costume from the Lamberts so B could be a little Ducky :) I'll have to try it on him another day when he isn't getting over a scorching fever. He was ready to get the hot costume off as soon as it went on.
And here was the bath before bed. He doesn't usually do his "so big" any more, so I HAD to TRY and get a video of it, but he's not very enthusiastic about it at this point.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Nap at 10?

Well, I was just laying down to take a nap until I decided to blog instead. And why would I be taking a nap when I should be going to bed?? Because Preston has a ton of homework for tomorrow that he had to get done and I'm not picking him up from campus until 11. 

And why didn't he drive himself as we had planned? Because Brayden woke up with a major fever today (just before bed he was 102 F) and I kept the car so I could pick up some medicines and drive him to a doctor if he needed.

The best part. . . the sickly Brayden will get drug out of bed in 15 minutes to be strapped in his car seat for 45. Nice. Poor Brayden for being sick & getting woken up. Poor Daddy for having to work so hard (and still won't be done). Poor Mommy for not getting her nap. And yet, we're all lucky to be linked together in all that we do.

Isn't life lovely?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 . . . Cool

Well, this post is really about Brayden turning TEN MONTHS!!!! But, how many blog titles can you have that say "Brayden is _____ months!" I wanted to post all the mostly wonderful things that Brayden is a:

Squealer. Crawler (on his knees now instead of the army deal!). Maker of stinkiest diapers and tooties ever. Squirmer for diaper changes. Bath lover. Blueberry boy. Walker with help. Good napper. Cryer at bedtime. Pointer. Climber. Climber out of his walker. Music lover. Dancer. High-fiver. "So big"-er. Smiler. Laugher. Screamer. Acrobat with daddy. Fearless. Sadie/ dog lover. Curious. Determined. Big eater. Stander in his high chair. Swimmer. Babbler. Book "reader." Cars/tools lover. Drawer opener. Dog food eater (when we're not paying attention). Sweetheart. Cuddler. And so many other great things!

Now, to show what he is in pictures!

an innocent newborn

a funny face maker
 a good sleeper
 a covenant child

 so sweet. . .
 . . . and studly
 a future chopstick user
 an ice cream lover :)

 a skiier
 a church-goer
 a smiler
 "So Big!" (while he's looking at himself in the mirror)
 silly boy
 high five!
 sharer with Sadie
 Mommy's helper
 water lover
 piggy-back rider (and daddy's hair lover)
 Florida boy
 laundry babe
 crawler and player
bath lover
 sharer and animal lover
 just plain cute
 funny face maker
 big eater

 bubble lover
 dog food eater
 toe eater
 silly boy
 tooth brusher
 football watcher

I LOVE YOU LITTLE MAN!! I think he is so stinkin' cute! But, his personality makes him the best! Happy 10 months yesterday!