Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Conference 2013 FHE - Christofferson

Yesterday was not my favorite day.  I went grocery shopping during my time with Preston during the day, then shortly after he left, I started feeling sick to my stomach and must have had a stomach bug.  It lasted nearly all night.  Yuck.  A tender mercy was having Preston come home early without me even asking.  He must have been inspired! But, one reason he came home is he heard some news we had been waiting for.  It was bad news.  No dream job yet.  But, despite all the negative things that I could focus on, I was still able to feel pretty positive in life and put together another good FHE.

Elder Christofferson talked about being redeemed.  It was a really great talk that I need to go back and read more in depth.  But, I had the idea pop into my head (from a higher source I'm sure) that we could have a little shopping experience for FHE in a mini store where the boys could each spend homemade $2.  However, the prices were $1 for 1 mini marshmallow, $2 for 5 mini marshmallows (obviously a better choice), or $3 for 10 marshmallows and a large gummy bunny.   The idea was that they would want to spend $3 for the best treat bag, but they could only provide $2 on their own.  I explained that there was a way to afford the $3 bag.  They could go ask Daddy for a coupon that would make up the difference.  Brayden was wise and got the coupon. Zander tried to take the bag without a coupon and ended up having a fit until we just gave him the $2 bag that he could afford without the coupon.  That little one can't resist sugar!! It was a good object lesson though.

During the activity we used the words "redeem" the coupon.  Which is important since the whole talk is about being redeemed.  The other key was that the coupon was on the back of a picture of Christ- our Redeemer.  So, while the boys ate their treats we showed them the picture and explained how we can go to our Heavenly father and ask him to help us with what we can't do for ourselves.  We explained that Christ is our Redeemer because he provided a way for us to "say sorry" and repent.

I also used a small quote from the talk. There's lots of good things you can share from the talk.

Anyway, it was fun.  And hopefully took the principle to their level.