Friday, June 11, 2010

Hong Kong- Day 1

Today has been ... interesting. Hong Kong is great. We walked in a city that reminds me a lot of New York, took a few train rides, did a little shopping with free money, and then ate at "The Modern Toilet." Mostly the last item on the list makes the day earn the "interesting" category.

There's probably enough pictures to tell the story and it's getting late, so I'll forgo my boring descriptions (at least most of them) and let you enjoy our day in Hong Kong.

Brayden loves Trip's hair :D

Do you like my hat?

Kim & Trip do exist in pictures!

double decker buses.

walking on the streets of Hong Kong

Brayden's royal treatment- getting carried everywhere.

Happy boy. Too hot for shirts.

What do ya know? They put signs up just for Trip!
Preston's in China!

Entering Kowloon park.

Picture with the China/Hong Kong flags. Even though you can't tell :)

This is in the Boy Scouts building that we happened upon.

Very foggy

Shnazzy car in the shopping mall

Here's where it gets "interesting"... I quite enjoyed it, but we definitely had some icky jokes going on. As anyone would I'm sure :D My favorite was in reference to our toilet bowl after we finished our hotpot.

Trip: Dude, there's corn in there!
Steve: Did you even eat corn?
Preston: .... (this is the silence that followed because Preston was laughing too hard to swallow, let alone talk).

You probably had to be there, but the way it played out was one of those not completely intentional jokes. Good times. I think.

Sitting on our "toilet seats" ... haha

the menu

the variety of food in their different dishes

Kim & Trip with their yummy kiwi juice!
The urinals lined up waiting for ...

someone just their size to use them. I knew we brought Brayden along for something :D

eating from our toilet

Mmm ... urinal...

... maybe that urinal wasn't so good

Preston drinking from his urinal ... so wrong.

The "after dinner" toilet

Banana split in a tub

American Pride

Busy train ride home. What a day!

PS- tomorrow we hit Disneyland!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Malaysia - Days 2 & 3

Wednesday was Brayden's half birthday! We went to eat lunch with my Dad & Kim and when we got there There was a piece of cake on Dad's desk. How nice of them to celebrate for Brayden :) (it was actually a co-worker's birthday).

There was an event going on that Dad, Kim & Trip were all involved with so we drove an hour out there to the other Inti campus to have dinner with them afterwords. Nothing too exciting. Brayden entertained himself well while we got a tour of the campus :)

We did go eat some pretty good pizza though :) It was a little place owned by an Italian. Kim and Trip happened to be friends with the owner so we got free banana pizza with ice cream for dessert :D

Thursday we went to the pool in the morning, got packed and left to get lunch and catch a plane to Hong Kong. The pool was so fun with Brayden! It was really cold, so I wasn't sure how he'd do, and as you'll see he wasn't really sure what he thought at first. He just kept sucking his fingers for comfort. After he got all the way in, he decided that he didn't like the feeling of being cold and let out a couple cries. But, luckily the water feels much warmer after getting out and then back in, so he was fine after that. He LOVED when Preston would go under the water and pop up somewhere else. He'd just laugh and laugh every time! It was so adorable! Yay for a successful first pool experience!
all ready to go!

The plane ride was not as successful as the pool. Brayden was having some serious stomach issues that were keeping him awake when he wanted to be asleep. And if you know Brayden, you know that when he's tired, he's grumpy :) So, he was one of those fussy babies that no one appreciates on the plane for half the flight, but at least he was able to have a seriously HUGE messy diaper right before we got on the train to get to our hotel. Needless to say, it did not stay in the diaper ... gross. I'm sure you'll appreciate that there are no pictures of that adventure. Thank you Preston for offering to take care of that one!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Malaysia - Day 1

We made it to Malaysia! It took us 3 flights and 26 hours to get here, but we made it. Brayden was a champ on the flights and slept a lot of the longest, 13 hour, flight. He didn't ever cry on the plane rides, just fussed a bit when he was hungry/tired. Overall, he's a champ!

The jetlag is no fun, but we're starting to adjust. Brayden is the funniest because he doesn't want to miss out on any of the action but he gets SO tired by the time it's about noon here. So the rest of the day he just starts getting loopy and laughing at everything. He loves his uncle Steve and every time he looks at him he'll try hard to laugh. One time he had to try so hard that he clenched his fists, and pushed out a laugh. Hehe. It was pretty darn cute. Better laughing than crying I guess :D Of course, we all have our share of jetlag too. I went to take a nap at about 5 this evening (3:00am in Utah) and didn't wake up until Preston came to bed at 10:30! Oops ... I didn't even get to see my dad today because he didn't get home until 8 or 9. Just as a side note, it's now 3:20 am here ... tomorrow I won't take a nap right before bed.

Now for the fun part. Yesterday (Tuesday) we went to the school that Kim & Dad work at and met a bunch of people there, unfortunately my dad was out of town today so he wasn't there. We did manage to snap a picture of Brayden sitting in Dad's chair. What a big boy :)

We went to lunch with kim and then the driver took us to the Batu Caves. It's a big cave that was turned into a Hindu shrine. I think that we became more interested in the wildlife there than anything. Here's what we saw:

1) MONKEYS!! They were everywhere and we saw a couple snatches of kid's food.

we didn't have food, so I pulled out a gum wrapper for Preston to give the monkey. He knew it was garbage and threw it on the ground :)

I was getting a water bottle out of my purse and looked down to see a monkey standing with outstretched arms waiting for a treat. I thought it was so cute that I had to give it something, so I stuck out the water bottle and he tried to take it. He had a pretty good grip too!

Momma monkey with a baby- how adorable!

Baby getting his milks ... I know the feeling momma monkey!

This guy was huge!

2) Roosters. Random.

3)Wild dogs. The Muslims here think dogs are unclean animals so they have to go through a thorough cleansing process if they get touched by one. Good thing this is a Hindu shrine.

4) Pigeons. Some things are the same anywhere you go.

5) Snakes. You could pay to get a picture with them around your neck.

We weren't the only ones who found something besides the caves to be more interesting. Brayden became quite the spectacle. Everyone wanted to touch him and hold him :)

This was one of the servers at the place we went for lunch. She wanted to hold Brayden and she took him to show the other servers who all took pictures of him :)

The rest of the shrine was pretty neat too.

That's the conclusion of our first day in Malaysia. Pretty fun so far! Be back tomorrow.