Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wholesome Recreational Activities

Playing in the Rain
First of all, just notice his shirt. . . he picked it out and asked me to put it on over the shirt he was already wearing. He truly loves his cars. Thanks Causey's for donating the T-shirt! There's plenty of growing space!

The rain had died down by this point, but the water was up to his shins at the beginning!

 Family Bath
we were all squeezed in the the tub for a few minutes and Brayden loved it! He wanted to sit on my lap the whole time. Of course, Brayden was the only truly nakey body. hehe. Just had to throw that out there.
This was the first time I had  the thought to pull out our mini vacuum while I used the big one. Brayden has claimed it as his own and helps me vacuum!


I just can't get enough of my boys! We have so much fun together! I wish that every day were Saturday so we could always have Daddy around!!