Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Preston's recently gotten back into a hobby that he loves ... Barbershop. It's really fun to see him so happy and working so hard at something he loves. Apparently he was singing (I don't remember why or with who, but he was singing) before our guitar class last week and then a couple guys came up to him and said that they have a quartet and needed a new tenor. They were trying to put a quartet together to compete in a competition on March 21st ... yeah, a little short notice! Anyway, Preston was super excited!! So, he's been singing with them almost every day since and is still loving it.

He was SO bummed when he found out that he couldn't compete in the college competition because he was TOO OLD!!! I don't think we've ever been too old for anything before! Don't worry though, they called around and found out that you can be up to 26 if you're still in school. So, he's safe for a couple of years. You should have seen how bummed he was for the day and a half that he didn't know whether he could compete though! Maybe it's good you didn't see him ... it was pretty devastating.

So, now we'll be taking a road trip down to Vegas on March 21st and staying the weekend with his parents, who were already going to the competition before they knew Preston was competing. His family are big barbershoppers :D

Apparently the hardest thing for Preston's quartet is not singing the music, but picking a name ... They finally had to pick one last night so that they could register for the competition, but even then it was hard to tell when they actually decided :) Here's some of their top choices:
  • Vocal Cheese (Preston really liked it and had a vision of all their fans wearing cheese heads)
  • Encore
  • Stacatto Wholenotes (haha, they decided this would be their first album name)
  • Captian Crunch and the Berry Tones (this was my personal favorite ... partly due to the fact that I thought of it and because 3 of the 4 guys are actually barritones just singing different parts.)
  • Lemonjello (spelled lemon jello, but pronounced Le . mon . gel . oh. This one was funny because it really is someone's name and his brother is orangejello, pronounced or . on . gel . oh)
  • Lumos or Lux

I can't remember the rest of them ... there were so many! but, they settled on one that they hadn't even talked about - Cosmo. Not bad. Way to represent!