Thursday, May 24, 2012

Funny Moments

The other night we were eating oreos on our bed while trying to be quiet because Brayden was having a hard time falling asleep.  We had competitions to see who would get the cream side if we each pulled one end of the oreo and Preston won 4 times in a row!

Me: What?  You've won all of them!
Preston: I guess I'm just in a creamy mood.
Me: What exactly does a "creamy mood" mean?
Preston: Hmm. . . I don't know.
Me: Does it mean you feel like you're stuck between two cookies? :D
Preston: Gave me the weirdest look and then laughed so hard he shook his milk all over his lap.

It was just one of those times you had to be there. But, I wanted to remember Preston spilling his milk everywhere because it was pretty darn funny.

Here's some Grandma stories we just heard on Sunday and I really wanted to remember for some reason.  Preston's Grandma Cottrell has a great sense of humor.  She has been saying for years that she would die when she was 92 years old and now she's only 2 weeks away from turning 93.  That being said, these stories are hilarious! All within the last week and a half.

1) Uncle Court drove Grandma down to Vegas for a weekend and Grandma was having severe chest pain while they were there and Court was convinced it was a heart attack.  He took her to the emergency room of course.  It was just gas.  Yep, gas.  Haha.  I thought that was funny enough, but then over skype when we laughed Preston's dad said it can hurt alot if it's up in the heart area and that you really can't tell the difference.  Thanks to Mom I also learned that Dad had once been convinced of a heart attack himself and found it to be gas.  HAHAHA.  Of course Julianna remembered Dad being SO embarrassed that he is a doctor and can't tell the difference between a heart attack and gas.  Hehe.

2) Grandma apparently decided that if she wasn't going to die then she better get a new drivers license.  But that meant she needed to glasses to pass the test.  She was very stressed about the test, but passed barely.  Of course she doesn't really need to drive anywhere, but argued that it was important just to know that she could.

3) Grandma also told Court that if she was sticking around then she better get new hearing aids.  She LOVES her new hearing aids and can apparently hear a lot better.  My favorite story was Grandma saying that she flushed her toilet that night and it about scared her to death! Hahaha.  I can just picture that.

Evidently Grandma has no intention of dying now that she has new ears, new eyes and a valid drivers license.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Brayden wearing plaid shorts, pajama top, Dad dad's tie and slippers while talking to my mom on the phone.  Classic.