Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Growth Spurt?

Brayden most definitely had a growth spurt that is sadly coming to an end. He would sleep for 13-14 hours at night and still take a 3 hour nap! He seriously slept in until about 9:30 or 10 most days last week. It was really nice! But, he's been waking up at 8:15 the last two days. It could be worse. Much worse.

He's gone through a speech growth spurt too! All of the sudden he went from gibberish to repeating all sorts of words that we say! He consistently says a few words and then will repeat words that we say all the time. It's still pretty hard to understand, but for a Mommy who hears him all day I can understand a lot!

Here's a list of words that he's all the sudden saying:
- Hot (Otts - he says this whenever something comes out of the microwave or he sees steam)
- More (Ma)
- Yes (this one's pretty clear. And I'm happy to report that he doesn't say no yet! He likes shaking his head too much)
- Stars
- Truck (Guck)

There's so many more, but nothing's coming to mind. Of course. He has this one word that I can't figure out, but he uses it so much! It sounds like ocks. No clue. Hopefully soon I'll figure it out.

I also have to quickly share his animal sounds! He is the CUTEST!
Dog- Oof
Cow- Mmmm
Elephant- much like a cow, but with a slightly different sound, like Vvvv
Alligator - Ta ta (with his hands making a chomping motion)
Monkey- Ah ah (in the highest pitch voice you could imagine!)
Lion - a low grunting noise.
Sheep - a a a a

The monkey and lion are the best! He's so cute when he does them! We tried to get a video and failed miserably. He was much to distracted. We'll try again.

Here's the video just for kicks. He does a couple good ones, but we were talking with Preston's family over Skype and he could see their dogs. So when Preston asks him to make the dog sound he just keeps pointing at them. It sounds like he says "there it is" :) So, it's not his best animal sounds, but you can hear some cute ones still.

That's all for now!