Friday, June 15, 2012

Garbage Day

Brayden loves garbage day and the Garbage/recycling men all know who he is.  When we hear the big trucks coming, Brayden either runs to the window or sometimes we go wait outside.  The recycling guy usually tell Brayden he needs a driver and lets Brayden sit in the truck while he does his thing.  Who knew garbage day could be so exciting? Today was a window day.

Came from breakfast (thus the bib) to see the truck

At the neighbor's house

This is when Brayden started bouncing up and down because it was at our house :)

Playing with his little garbage truck while he watches.

We joke that Brayden will grow up to be a garbage man. . . haha.  If he still loves the garbage trucks as much as he does now, then he would love his job I guess!