Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Break

After a much needed break, we're back at school for our last semester! It's been a week now, and classes look like they'll be pretty good. I think this semester will be more busy than last semester for me, which I didn't know was possible. But, this semester I have my same job at the internship office that I go to 20 hours a week, the same internship at the Division of Child and Family Services that I go to for 16 hours a week and 3 MORE credits than I had last semester (total of 16.5). That's after I dropped a class because I thought it would be a little too much. There were so many classes that I wanted to take for my last semester that I never got around to! Turns out I'm only taking two "for fun" classes - harp ensemble and intermediate guitar. It'll be fun. And interesting.

But, I don't really want to talk too much about school just yet. I'd much rather bask in my memories of Christmas break where there was no school, no work, no internship, and lots of yummy food, skiing and family time! Preston and I spent our entire break staying with my family or his family. We spent quite a bit of time up at my family's cabin too and enjoyed 3 awesome days on the ski slopes. Even without Christmas, the break was so great! But, Christmas made it even better!

It's fun being married because it's like you get 3 Christmases ... one with each other, one with my family and one with Preston's family :) Pretty great! Anyway, we got a lot of wonderful presents from all three of our Christmases. First, my family's Christmas ... We got a sewing machine, some clothes, new Wii games and remotes, some food storage supplies, new luggage and an ab machine (to work off all our Christmas sweets!).

Preston's family's Christmas was also great! We got some books that we asked for, lots of cereal, a popcorn popper, a breadmaker, some shoes, the Enchanted movie that I really wanted :), a few board games (of course!), and a box of goodies that we love! Preston got a really amazing hand-carved wooden statue of Moroni.

And now for what I'd have to say is the best Christmas ... our own. I got Preston a new suit for teaching seminary, a white shirt, a couple ties, new sunday shoes, black socks (his are all starting to get holes and he re-wears them since he needs a pair every day and only had 3 ... needless to say, the black socks were a must!), a book about teaching youth, some treats for his stocking and a really nice back massager (that was the big one). He got me a gift card for scrapbooking supplies, some pajama pants, a couple of shirts, chapstick, an expansion for one of my favorite board games (Thurn & Taxis ... SO FUN!) and I think there may have been something else too. But, his big gift for me was the best gift of all ... a puppy!!! She is so cute! And, yes, I still think that after having her for a couple weeks! She's a little border collie about 2 1/2 months old. I named her Sadie and she has been a really good puppy. She has lots of energy and loves to play. I don't think she likes her food very much so we'll have to find a new brand. She loves the snow! She could probably play outside all day long if we had a fence. She likes to lick off the dishes in the dirty dishwasher. She also unfortunately likes to chew chords ... not a good thing. But, she is so smart (sometimes TOO smart) and if we bring her a chew toy when she's chewing something she shouldn't, she'll be happy chewing that instead and usually doesn't have a problem chewing something bad for a while. The only problem is that she just finished her chew stick a couple days ago so now she's getting into the chords and stuff. She HATES being left in her kennel while we're at school, but we're not really sure what else to do with her. We may have to elicit the help of a neighbor or something. Either way, it's fun having some puppy magic in our home :)