Thursday, June 23, 2011

Family Visits

Last Thursday my brother, Steve, flew into Orlando and we went to pick him up. Of course, we can't go to Orlando without visiting the temple, so Steve got to catch up with Brayden while we went in the best place on Earth. My mom and Dad arrived in Tallahassee the next morning after breakfast (we were supposed to meet up in Orlando, but it got complicated). B loved seeing everyone and was especially fascinated by his uncle Steven. I don't know what it is, but ever since he was a baby, he just looks at Steve and laughs. The first day he followed Steven around and wanted to be a part of all his activities.

We went to the beach on Saturday and that was lots of fun too! Aunt Beck sent some beach gear for Brayden that he liked trying on at home, but of course wouldn't keep on at the beach. The water was so warm at the beach! At least 80 degrees! I could definitely get used to that! However, I don't think I'll want to go in August. . . it'll be much too hot!

Brayden has been wonderful at taking his naps and sleeping at night even with noise and people around. We are so lucky! He has loved having everyone here! He had to warm up to his Grampy Doxey, but once he did he's had some good play time with him. As always, he LOVES his Grandy. I can't blame him. She spoils him :) Overall, he's been a happy camper and let his cuteness shine out. With his silliness every now and then too. It's amazing how much more fun he has when there's always something going on! It makes me more excited to have more kids to provide entertainment!

Anyway, we have loved having our family here! They've spoiled us all! They even rented a car that we could all fit in because we couldn't all fit in our little car. So, we didn't have to use hardly any gas while they were here and we got to enjoy the nice DVD player in the car. Brayden points to the TV every time we get in :D Of course, he won't be able to get too used to that because we won't have one of those for a very long time. If ever. But, it's been lots of fun!

We said goodbye to Steve and Grandy today, but then their flight was canceled, so we get them one more night. They're on a 7:30am flight though, so we'll pretty much say our goodbyes (again) tonight. Dad sticks around until Saturday. We'll miss you guys! It's been so fun! And I'm just glad to know that I'll have more visitor's soon for Baby Brother.

Enjoy the pictures!

Grandy & Gramps bring yummy berries!

trying on his new gear

ready to go. Blanky and all.

He wore Grampy's reading glasses around for a little while and kept walking funny because they were hard to see through. He would stare at his feet and take really slow steps. Sometimes he'd run into something that you could tell he saw but didn't think it was that close. It was too cute to stop for a while, but my concern for his eyes won out in the end and we got him to take them off.

We saw a bunch of sting rays in the water. It was kind of creepy, but we swam anyway. We figured as long as we didn't step on them they wouldn't hurt us.

checking for sting rays before going in the deep.

Family Picture