Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby Brown

We decided to wait this pregnancy before we really spread the word that we are expecting, but now it's kinda weird to just tell people ... so, it's taken a while. But, we are indeed expecting! We find out in 3 weeks whether it's a girl or boy, but until then it's just "Baby." If you ask me if I want a girl or boy, my answer changes all the time. I used to be convinced that I wanted a boy first, but then I see all the cute girl clothes and things and I just really want a girl. So, eventually I want both and I'll be happy with either. My instincts tell me it's a girl, but we'll know for sure on July 15th!

The due date is kinda iffy, but it's December 16th (possibly earlier). An interesting fact about December 16th is that's the same day that we had our miscarriage last year. But, this time seams to be going well! YAY! We've been to the doctor 3 times and heard the heartbeat each time. I get more excited with each visit and I can't wait to know if we're having a girl or boy ... then I can actually start buying stuff! :D

Alaskan Cruise

We most recently returned from our Alaskan cruise. It was so beautiful there and we saw lots of neat wildlife. Again, you'll just have to see our trip through pictures.

arrive in Vancouver, Canada
also the day I developed a hideous coldsore that you'll get to see much more of :)

the limo ride from the airport to hotel ... it was the same price as a taxi :)

board the Veendam

We just got our roomkey and we're heading to the ship

the view just outside our room ... pretty nice eh?

The first formal night ... good thing I married such a stud!

Ketchikan, AK

there's a lot of totem poles, but here's one of them

us with the city behind us

Alaskan slugs are apparently HUGE (and gross!)

The biggest golden retriever we've ever seen! You can't tell in the picture, but this guy (Rosco) was a beast!

Preston in the bear's lap

getting back on the ship, you walked under this sign ... so do you mind your head or follow your heart? That was a question we often reflected on because of this sign.

You'd be surprised at how many of these planes we saw!

Juneau, AK

Whale watching

this is a 6 month-ish humpback whale that jumped out of the water 5 or 6 times for us!

Another whale

some more jumping from the little one.

lots of seals

The family on the boat

riding in the back

bald eagles were abundant here!

Meet Tony, our whale watching naturalist

a bunch of ice in the water in front of a glacier

We took a little hike, which ended with this huge mound of rocks to get to the beautiful waterfall and glacier that you see.

we made it!

an otter at the glacier

haha ... we couldn't pass up a picture

our first towel animal waiting for us in our room

Skagway, AK

Pretty much the whole "city"

the top of all the trash cans

haha, we didn't buy this, but we thought it was worth a picture

us on the train tracks with a yellow and green train passing in the background.

towel moose

Glacier Bay, AK

That's the main glacier behind us

all the ice in the water

a bald eagle on some ice

this is another glacier, but it was really cool because it has a waterfall in that little cave

day at sea

our second formal night

towel monkey with a banana

day at sea going through the Fjords

one of many glaciers

all those white lines on the mountain are glaciers!

dinner show by the crew

chefs at heart

Preston's duck dish with mashed potatoes shaped like a pear ... the stem was a piece of raw spaghetti noodle :)

Preston's true side :)
(sparkling cider of course!)

disembark in Seward, AK

saying goodbye to our wonderful stewards. this is Dedi

This is Deni.

fishing trip in Seward

Preston with his pole

The group as we got back to port

the group with all the fish we caught! Our family brought home 150 lbs. of Halibut and Salmon!