Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sick Days

Oh how I wish that parenthood had sick days. And I mean not having to do our work so that we can get better. I started feeling like maybe I was sick on Thursday and by Friday it was for sure. Saturday my voice sounded awful and my nose was a faucet, and today I'm home from church with my two boys (who are probably also getting over being sick).

I remember what sick days used to be like - staying in bed sleeping all day until Mom would bring me something to eat or drink and then going back to sleep. Today, my sick day is a bit different - grab a tissue on my way to pull cereal out for Brayden, listen to him whine about something, grab another tissue on my way to nurse Zander, set the baby down to help Brayden down from the table just to realize I forgot a tissue and am going to drip everywhere, hurry to get a crying Zander who wants to be held, help Brayden up on my lap too while I let him play on the iPod, finally lay Zander down with a binky, read to Brayden for a few minutes, finally change his diaper and put clothes on him, lay Brayden down for a nap, sit down at the computer and get distracted with blogging. Oh, and then hear Zander start fussing again. I guess that means I need to go.

No rest for the weary any more. Kids, enjoy your sick days while you can! I just look forward to my bath after kids go to bed.

PS- I'm really sorry if Brayden was sick before I got sick and I was around your kids. I didn't realize his slightly runny nose meant anything other than the seasonal change. Oops. Luckily, he hasn't seemed to be coughing or getting any worse, so I'm still hoping it's nothing. Zander on the other hand has had a hard time sleeping and started getting some thick spit up, so my best guess is that he is sick. But, he's been pretty sweet.