Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Great Day to be Alive!

And to be born. Like I was 24 years ago. I love birthdays and today has been great. We had a crepe breakfast with blueberry pie filling, ice cream, bananas, raspberries, cool whip, nutella and honey. So yummy that I ate some for lunch too! hehe.

I got to open one present so far (which, unfortunately I already "spoiled" in my own little way as Preston will ensure you I always do). Preston bought me a groupon for flirty aprons because we used to see them in the mall and I always thought they were cute, but never wanted to spend $30 on an apron.  When I saw the groupon I told him about it and he said we could look at it and then the time was counting down and we never did look at it, so I decided to buy one for myself since obviously Preston had forgotten. Of course he didn't actually forget but thought he'd try to surprise me. Oops. Well, now I have a fun gift for someone else or two cute aprons. . . we'll see.

Now I've had some time with the boys napping, and I just have to say that I love that they will both usually nap at the same time! Sweet! Anyway, I pulled out this birthday gift that I bought myself with the birthday money I knew would be coming. I'm still figuring out how to use all it's functions, but it's pretty neat and will be fun to play with especially with photo editing and stuff. I got the Bamboo Fun on an amazon lightning/gold box deal and it was really reduced or I never would have considered it. Usually it's $200, but I paid $79. Still more than I like to spend, but sometimes I give in and splurge a little :) At least I'm enjoying it so far!

In about an hour we'll pick Preston up from school and head to Hungry Howie's for a cheap pizza and then over to Chuckie Cheese for some birthday fun! I haven't been there in at least 13 years, but it used to be my favorite birthday spot when I was little, so we're gonna enjoy it again! Plus, it'll be fun for Brayden I think. And when he can appreciate it more maybe we'll go for him! We have a coupon for 95 tokens for $15 and then we'll buy a dessert pizza there. Yum yum. I can't wait! It'll be fun!

Oh, and Preston has a couple more gifts for me as well as the wonderful gift of having my mom here today! She got here on Saturday and will stay until next Tuesday. It's nice to get a little break from holding Zander Man all day long. That's birthday gift enough. But, she's also going to take Zander in her room all night and let us sleep. Minus pumping time because I just can't make it all night comfortably :)

Well, there's my birthday update! Hope you've had a good day too! It really is a great day to be alive!