Friday, May 18, 2012

9 Months Already

Well, Zander has hit that mark in life - he's been out in the world as long as he was in my tummy.  And he just keeps getting cuter every day!  I fell in love with him the second I heard him cry in the hospital and my heart melts every time I get one of his squinty-eyed grins!  Lucky for me, they happen multiple times a day.  He's crawling around now and pulls himself up on everything.  He hasn't quite figured out what's stable and what's not, so he takes some tumbles, but nothing too bad yet.  Here' a picture from each month of his life so far:

5 days old

1 month (already smiling and laughing!)

2 months

3 months

4 months (Zander Claus)

5 months

6 months

7 months

8 months (1 day before 8 months actually)

9 months (2 days before)
And here's Zander showing you that he's "Soooooo  Big!"  Just like Brayden used to :)  He loves it.
this is yesterday, on his actual 9 month mark

Zander's already trying to talk a little.  In his own baby way.  He says "mum mum mum" and "dada," but he also said "ta" for "toss," which just happens to be his favorite game.  He tosses and we fetch.  Haha. Anyway, it's very cute. When he gets upset he throws things sometimes and I can quickly turn it into a game of toss.  He still eats a lot, but has really slowed down his growth.  He's now in the 55% for height and less than that for weight.  Remember when he was in the 80% for both?  He only gained half a pound in the last 3 months!  But, like I said, he eats lots.  And the doctor wasn't the least worried and neither am I.  He's still my mister chunks.  His thighs are the greatest! Haha.  I just love baby chunk.  Anyway, he's a happy, healthy (for about half his life at least), and growing boy.  We sure love him!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Thank goodness for Mothers.  Especially Mothers who value motherhood and it's divine calling.  I'm starting to understand the importance, but I have a lot of learning to do.  I'm just grateful for the examples around me.  Today is an appreciation day for the hard work of Motherhood and I must say, there's a lot to be appreciated!  Motherhood is THE greatest and I love it.  Here's a little quote from the talk "Mothers Who Know" by Julie B. Beck:

"Home is where women have the most power and influence. . .  Nurturing mothers are knowledgeable, but all the education women attain will avail them nothing if they do not have the skill to make a home that creates a climate for spiritual growth."

Thanks for all you hard working mothers out there!! Including you, Mumsy!


Disney Trip and Playground

The week after visiting St. Augustine and Jacksonville, we spent 3 nights in Orlando going to Universal Studios and Disney World then to the temple on Saturday.  It was fun as always.  It was really nice not having to worry about getting to every ride and all that because we knew we'd be back sometime.  We just did what we wanted and enjoyed being together.  I didn't even take any pictures at Universal and only a few at Disney - very unlike me.  But, we have so many from our other trips that it would just be more of the same.

Yesterday we had a neighborhood yard sale and ended up selling a few things giving us $64 to spend sometime.  Kinda nice :)  After the yard sale we fixed our garage so it's now in working condition (the gear got worn down and it wouldn't open automatically) and did a few chores and then went on a little family date.  We used a Groupon to Tropical Smoothie cafe and got some sandwiches and smoothies and then headed to the Governor's Square mall to let the boys play at the playground.  It was fun.  Nothing extravagant, but nice together time.

Feeding the duck.  Brayden fed him once, but was too scared to do it again.

Our little guy on the Pooh shelf.  He had his Pooh outfit on :)

Zander really wanted to Pooh, so I tried holding it out to get him to look.

Paddle boating

Our little swimmer

Ready to jump in to us

Splashin around

The temple - a place of love and beauty.

Olives on the finger - yum

Brayden loves ice, but when it got cold he just spit it back into the cup.

Zander gets so excited when we help him play
 on the slides and things.  He'd walk around squealing
while he chose where to go next.  We can let go of him
 on the slide and he loves it.