Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Malaysia - Day 5

  • National Mosque
  • Old Railway Station
  • Tradition Dance Show
  • Chinese Temple
  • Indian food
My favorites from today were the dance show and the Chinese temple. The dance show was a bunch of different traditional Malaysian dances and even Brayden enjoyed watching. He especially liked the dance with big fans. He started screaming his guts out with excitement when they opened them up. Luckily the music was loud so I could barely even hear him :)

The Chinese temple was also very cool. I've been to a lot of temples and shrines, but this one was neat enough that I still enjoyed it. They had statues of all the Chinese Zodiacs and we all left smelling like incense from inside.

Brayden in his muscle shirt

The National Mosque.

The Old Railway Station

One of the dances from the show

Brayden watching the dancing

The fan dance that Brayden loved

Picture with the cast ... they loved Brayden.

After the show, outside the Malaysia Tourist Center

Cute boy

The street market

The Chinese temple

The view from the temple

It's not every day you get to kiss your love in a Chinese temple

Killer Bunny

What a rat

Brayden's an Ox ... so is Steve, mom & Preston according to the years, but by exact date Preston (and probably mom) are rats.

I had to take a horse picture in Tribute to Dan, who's currently on a mission in NYC

Monday, June 14, 2010

Back in Malaysia - Day 4

Well, we said farewell to Hong Kong yesterday and made it back to KL. Here's some things I found interesting about Hong Kong:
  • The traffic lights turn yellow before they turn red and before they turn green.
  • The trains always say "mind the gap" because of their British influence.
  • A lot of the Chinese there spoke more English than Mandarin. They all spoke Cantonese instead.
  • It felt like being in New York.
We didn't do much yesterday other than coming back to Malaysia, but we still snapped some shots.
Also, I should mention that Brayden did awesome for this plane ride :) He slept at least 3 of the 4 hours. And he somehow managed to stay asleep through the landing, exiting the plane, putting him in his stroller and walking through the awful muggy heat. What a trooper!

on the train to the airport

Kim & Trip's seat partner ... lucky ducks

My seat partner ... even more lucky with my Ducky!

Yep, I make a good pillow :D

The view from Kim & Trip's place

Tigger was happy to have us home with her

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hong Kong - Days 2 & 3


  • Breakfast
  • Disneyland
  • Dinner
  • Bed

The train to Disneyland

Steve with Mickey Ears from the handle.

Clicking the heals

Cool fountain

Group Shot

So Cute! He put his hands over his ears after we were listening the the trash-drummers for a while.

Don't take Brayden!

Buzz Blasters is one of my favorites :) Something about shooting things ...

There's something wrong with this-can you spot it?

Sleepy Brayden

Brayden with his uncle Trip

Go Trip Go!

C'mon Babe!

Brayden loved the dancing Sulley!

Typical castle picture :D

Brayden's favorite rides were Pooh and It's a Small World. He watched everything intently and got big smiles almost the whole time.

Riding Winnie the Pooh

Brayden would start fussing every time the ride ended. So we had to get a sad picture by "The End."

He loved Pooh so much, Grandy got him a Pooh stuffed animal that he absolutely loves.

random Chinese ad that Preston liked.

Goin home

Brayden likes the Chinese girls :)

  • Breakfast
  • Church
  • Golden Lotus Flower
  • Temple
  • Dinner
  • The Peak
  • Bed

Handsome boys

Hong Kong Temple

Steves burger was as big as Brayden's head!

I decided that I should stay home from The Peak to put Brayden to bed in a decent hour because he's been getting so worn out, so it was just Steve & Preston who ventured out to the Peak. Here's the pictures Preston brought home: