Friday, December 18, 2009

One of Those Days

First of all, we've been to the doctor 3 times this week! Monday for Brayden's first check-up, Wednesday for Brayden's circumcision and yesterday for my check-up. Yesterday was one of those days that made me grateful that I can stay at home in my pajamas most of the time :)

The had to check me and make sure everything looked good and I had a couple questions about breastfeeding, so they checked my nipples first to make sure everything looked good. As soon as opened up and pulled them out, they both started flowing milk out. The midwife grabbed some tissues for me to stop the milk with, but they were like fountains! Tissues just weren't enough. She got a blanket to lay on my lap so that I wouldn't get wet, which was nice. She joked that I definitely didn't have any issues with my milk supply and then asked if I wanted to try nursing now since I was obviously ready. So, we pulled Brayden out and he had a great meal. He got a little messy, but that happens. Then, while I'm feeding him and he's laying on my lap, he goes to the bathroom and wets all over the blanket and his clothes. Isn't that what diapers are for? hehe. Well, I guess I didn't tighten it enough this time. And of course, I didn't bring a change of clothes for him that day. Just when I was thinking "welcome to the life of a mother" and finding humor in the situation, Brayden spits up milk all over my lap. Geez. After that it wasn't too bad, but we stopped at the store to get more bottles for my pumped milk and some vaseline for Brayden while he's healing from his little surgery. So here we go walking in the store and I'm feeling like a big mess ... that's when I just want to be back at home in my pajamas. Overall it was fairly comical and I was laughing during most of that visit, but it is a good reminder of one more reason to keep Brayden home for a few weeks!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tender Mercies

I love being a mother. I've only been one for 5 days and I already know it's what I've always lived for and will eternally live for. There is no greater calling. But heaven knows it's not easy. Here's some tender mercies I am grateful to enjoy.

  1. Living with Mumsy who is happy to help with my little man even in the middle of the night.
  2. A boy who let me sleep for 6 hours this morning with one feeding in the middle and then slept for another hour while I figured out my breastpump and started filling a bottle.
  3. All the visitors that we've had who love our little Brayden.
  4. Christmas being around the corner and having basically all my gifts ready to go.
  5. Being married to a man who will tell me how wonderful I am every day.
  6. The amazing meal we got last night from the Bradshaws.
  7. Being blessed with the ability to do almost anything 1 handed so I can still hold my babe.
  8. Seeing Brayden look around (I swear he's looking at angels) with the biggest smiles on his face as I sing him primary songs.
  9. Knowing that my Heavenly Father is aware of my abilities and is helping me discover them too.
  10. Being able to stay in my pajamas all day when I have nowhere to go.
I have been so incredibly blessed! I only hope that I will always remember the wonderful things in life when times get tough.