Friday, July 9, 2010

Look how big my baby is!

Brayden is 7 months old today! Can you believe it? If you answered no, then join the club.

He can stand all by himself so long as he's holding onto something sturdy.

But, it only lasts until he lets go and then ...


He sure is cute!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beach Baby

Here's some pictures of our Beach Baby after a week in California.

looking at the water

feeling the water

evaluating what he thinks about the water

serious face

getting ready for a walk (with Pam & Caitling boogie boarding in the background)

All bundled in the stroller cuz it was cold

meeting Jagger in the kiddie hottub

Grammy & the boys

I love how they're holding hands! They would do this all the time.

Looking at cute Vienna

Cute sandy face!

Preston's sand dino

Monday, July 5, 2010


There wasn't quite as much celebrating with the 4th being on Sunday, but I enjoyed staying in with my family and playing some Dominion and Phase 10. Having just come home from other countries, I realize that we actually have a lot more strict laws than some places, but that it's for our own good. Kind of like the gospel. It's the rules that make us free in the long run. Of course the government laws are nowhere near as perfect as God's laws, but I'm grateful to know that Heavenly Father helped to set up our constitution and wants us to be free. Happy 4th everyone!



We had a lot of fun in Thailand. It was a very beautiful place in many ways, but also very vain. Everything reminded us of idol worship like in Abraham's time. Probably because it basically is. It was all about gold and making everything beautiful. Most of the museums we saw were made up of the King & Queen's gifts for this or that. Good thing they're going to good use ... making money off of tourists. But, it was fun to see and probably the most cultural place we saw. We got back from Thailand a day before leaving for California, so our last day was spent packing up & playing some games with Kim & Trip & Dad before we left. We sure miss you guys!! Enjoy our pictures!

SATURDAY: Goodbyes

Trip playin' with Little B for the last time in a long time

Still playin' ...

...and STILL playin' (geez Trip, get one of your own or something :D )

... and the fun is just about over. At least for Brayden.

So sweet

He didn't want to leave his fun Aunt & Uncle.