Monday, October 3, 2011

Precious Moment

I was trying to get a nap in after my last blog post, but unfortunately took a little too long trying to read all the updated blogs I've missed so I only got a 10 minute power nap.

Anyway, 10 minutes ago Brayden was on his bed sleeping. I just glanced at the video monitor when I started nursing Zander and noticed that Brayden wasn't there anymore. Odd. I hadn't heard anything. So I turned the volume up and listened closely to hear his sweet little voice saying the name of the letter A over and over again and then a B thrown in at the end. He was looking at a book that daddy was reading with him and they had pointed out letters together (which Brayden is getting VERY good at). So cute. Then he went to his door and said "please" because he wanted to come out. Love it. Well, now that Zander's done I best go get my sweet B.

Conference Weekend

General Conference is awesome! For some reason this conference didn't seem to speak directly to me like usual. I figure its either because I'm becoming so perfect that there can't possibly be more to work on or I must not have listened as intently. We can all agree on the latter.
I will be the first to admit that I only heard half of Saturday's first session between Brayden and Zander and I missed a whole talk in the second session cleaning up a nice blowout from Zander. It's very different with children and will keep being different the older they get. And It's also different in the eastern time zone. The sessions are from noon-2, 4-6, and priesthood from 8-10. It feels like we have the whole morning together then conference then bedtime.
Even so, we tried to make it a special experience and talked to Brayden about listening to the prophet. I think he can recognize him.
We went to the church for the very last session so Preston could meet a friend there, so I spent the session in the mothers room with the Boys as a courtesy to those watching... Brayden hasn't figured out reverent voice yet and gets pretty crazy at bedtime.
Anyway, I did hear some great talks and look forward to listening to it again. Hope you liked it too!