Monday, March 1, 2010


Roadtrips part 2 was visiting Travis and Katy in Arizona. It was a perfect time to visit. They had 70 degree weather for their winter and it was nice to have the back door open all day and be able to go on walks without a jacket. We played lots and lots of games, which is so fun. They prepared lots of great meals for us and we got to go on a picnic too. They just bought a house, which is SO nice. Apparently Phoenix is in the top 4 places that got hit hardest in the economy. Lucky for them :) Anyway, it was a lot of fun to see our friends and their cute puppies too! Thanks for letting us stay a while guys!

Beautiful scenery on our way there.

Brayden's old school travel bed that my mom let us borrow. I loved it!

Guy bonding time.

Cutest, smiliest boy ever!

Brayden's priceless look when you blow in his face.

Travis and Katy with our little man

Yay for "match mommy day"

Up in the air with Daddy

Our picnic in February!

Brayden trying to make a getaway with our icecream ... good thing we're in control of the stroller.

Us getting ice cream from the ice cream truck! I didn't know those still existed.

Our group picture on our way out. We already miss you guys!

And finally, we stopped in to visit Michelle in Cedar City on our way home.


Preston and I recently had the realization that we now have time to do the things on our "someday" list. So, we've taken a couple road trips to visit friends and family. The first place we went was Washington to see Dan, Julianna, & Mikayla (Preston's sister's family). They had a fun weekend planned out for us with bowling, yummy restaurants, games, pedicures, and seeing Pike's market in Seattle. We enjoyed it so much we stayed an extra day. It was over Valentine's Day that we went, so I got to enjoy the Mortensen tradition of the men making yummy dinner for the ladies :) We may have to start a tradition of our own. Unfortunately, I left my camera card when I was uplaoding the pictures onto their computer, so I had to steal some from their blog. Thanks for the awesome weekend!!!