Thursday, October 27, 2011

2 Months

Just got back from the doctor and have some stats to  report. 

Height: 23.75" (83%)
Weight: 12lbs 12oz (76%)
Head: 39.7 cm (18%)

Obviously growing well. We give him a bottle every night and lately he's been drinking 6-7 oz before bed! I don't know how he fits it in there, but it sure helps him sleep. He sleeps 8 hours every night. Last night it was 9.5! Our struggle is with getting him in bed... He won't fall asleep until 10 or 11. We've tried just laying him down but if he doesn't cry right off he squirms so much that he spits up a bunch of milk and then cries and we have to clean up. I guess that's partly why he eats so much- we keep feeding him until he finally falls asleep.

As for me, I'm back down to 108- pre-pregnancy weight. But, I feel far from pre-pregnancy body. And my plan for fixing that? Nada. I'm relying solely on my boys to get/keep me in shape. I think it's working so far :)

Oh, and we're all doing much better with the sickies!