Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happiest Places on Earth

We made our final trip to Orlando this week!  It was strange thinking we won't be making that 4 hour journey every month.  Not that the temple isn't enough to keep us going down there, but we've been adding Disney after the temple to make it an extra fun/ extra long trip!  I guess I won't miss having to drive 4 hours to get there, but it's always sad to realize your opportunity is coming to an end.  We love the Orlando temple!  The boys even know their way around and have favorite spots to go.  The fountains are their favorite :)  Plus, our Disney passes have several months left on them.  But it was fun while it lasted!!! 

I couldn't help but take lots of pictures knowing it was my last chance.  So, here they are (probably more for my memories than your enjoyment, but please enjoy!).

Brayden gave Bun Bun a tour of the temple.

Zander got hold of Bun Bun and ran away.  Good thing Brayden's a good sport!

Trying to see in the temple's back "door"

Ahhhh. . . got Bun Bun back.

The nice white rocks around the back fountains

And the palm trees we won't be seeing in Utah

A little lunch

Playing and talking together. Too cute!


Zander snapped this shot.  Haha.

 DISNEY WORLD - Magic Kingdom

 Hidden Mickeys in Small World

Monday, April 29, 2013

Life Plans as of Now

Even though our seminary journey didn't end like we had hoped, the journey continues on.  Not that we can't take "No" for an answer, but what else do you do when you just feel that it's the path for you??  Plus, you gotta understand that both our attempts so far have had some extenuating circumstances.  First round they had actually told Preston's principle they were going to hire Preston, but then the hiring freeze happened and they just couldn't.  Now we were just too far removed and we're not entirely sure if the pre-service director Preston worked with in Arizona ever really considered him as a student teacher.  He seemed to forget about Preston and didn't provide the feedback he would promise.  Who knows if he even watched the videos?

All we know is that we feel like Nephi when he went to get the plates.  We feel like we're being told "Go get a job in Seminary and Institutes."  So, we try once, but it doesn't quite work.  That's ok.  We'll just try again.  I wonder if Nephi felt like we did when we knew we were going for the right thing, so we just figure it's going to work.  But, just like for Nephi, our second try didn't end up working.  Now we're at the point where we feel like in the eyes of everyone else we should probably just find a new goal.  But, in all we feel from our Heavenly Father,  a job with seminary is still the right goal.  It's pretty humbling having to get turned away and ask for another try when there's not usually that option for people.  But, as the Arizona preservice director responded, Preston does have some natural talent, so we can be given a chance when we get to Utah.  But, I'm pretty positive this is THE last chance.  So, here's to hoping that it all ends like Nephi's journey to get the plates.  If not though, we can rest assured knowing that going for seminary will still get us to where we need to be.  That being said, Utah is calling.  It is where we need to be.  So, on June 9-ish, we'll be heading to MO for a Doxey family reunion and then on to Preston's parent's basement in Sandy where we will mooch off of many necessities of life while we build our means back up.  We are SO grateful for parents who are in a position to help us!!!

FHE- Followers of Christ

This week we talked about Elder Oaks' talk from Conference.  Another record-time planning session (is it really "record" if it happens every week?) that led to a successful FHE.  The Lord is really looking out for me!  It seems like all I have to do is make an effort and he takes care of the rest by filling my mind with great ideas.  I love it!  Anyway, the talk is titled "Followers of Christ" and Elder Oaks talks about different things we do that make us Followers of Christ. 

For this FHE you will need:
-footprints (traced or printed then cut out)
-the talk "Followers of Christ" by Elder Oaks from April 2013 General Conference
-tiny pictures for the characteristics you choose.
-something your kids use while they sleep/rest (like a blanky)


Make your footprints however you choose. I traced my own feet and cut out a stack of construction paper footprints.  I ended up with 8 (4 of each foot). I think it was just the right amount. Then choose the same number of characteristics that you want to use. Elder Oaks discussed charitable contributions (tithing), baptism, the sacrament, service, missionary work, keeping commandments, repentance and forgiveness.  I added my own applicable habits of sharing, reverence, and playing nicely.  Then search for pictures of each thing.  I used a google search for the topic plus the word "coloring" because then it brought up lots of black and white pictures that are much nicer for my ink supply. They're meant for coloring on, so if you have kids that want to help prep, you could let them color them in!  Or if you're in a super big hurry, you can even just write words on the feet.

The last thing to prep is deciding where you're going to lead them.  I chose my bedroom because the talk basically says that if we follow Christ we'll find rest to our souls.  So, I figured a bedroom is a good resting place.  Wherever you choose, leave your child's "resting item" there where they won't accidentally find it before you start.

Song I used:
Do as I'm doing (with marching in a line to follow the leader. . . since we're talking about following Christ).  "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" would work nicely too.

After we had an opening prayer, I explained that just like in our song when we followed each other (each of us got a turn leading) we were talking about following Christ.  I told them that we say "follow in his footsteps" because we want to live the way He did when He walked on the Earth.  I told them that Elder Oaks shared some ways that we can follow in his footsteps.  Then I shared his testimony from the end of his talk that says "He invites all of us who are heavy laden to come unto Him, to learn of Him, to follow Him, and thus to find rest to our souls."(I added emphasis).  I emphasized that we work hard to follow all his footsteps and then we can rest because it can be hard and tiring!

Now the fun part- the footprints!  I just held the stack and showed them the one on top and asked them what the picture showed.  Then when either they would guess it or I would tell them, I would toss it on the ground ahead of us and we all had to run and hop on it.  They started taking turns standing on each one :) I kept tossing the footprints ahead to lead to my room where my resting place is.  Once we were there, they found their blankies waiting on my bed and then we went to their resting places after a quick treat and brushing the teeth.  They both did really well with it and actually went back to race to the footprints after we were done.  So, I asked what steps Brayden remembered.  He started just pointing and saying "that one and that one" so I started naming some for him and he seemed to actually be paying attention and trying to remember them.  Ahhhh.  Another success.  Parenting is SO fulfilling when you're doing it right.  Basically when you partner with the Lord.  Love love love it.