Thursday, February 5, 2009


This is our 24th post!! It also happens to be the day that Preston turns 24 :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESTON!! It's been a great day already. We had crepes this morning for breakfast, I gave him his birthday present (an iTouch), and he walked in to a decorated office at seminary. It's not over yet. . . Tonight when we get home from class, we'll have a little surprise party. See, we don't get out of class until 8, so everyone will already be there waiting to surprise him :) It was really last minute ... like, I decided to do it 2 days ago :) But, so far, there will be 15 people there for sure, so that's not bad. I have pictures too, but I gotta hurry to class, so I'm going to add those later. Then I can tell you how the surprise went! And YES, I am posting about a surprise party for Preston before it happens. Don't worry ... I'm 99.9% sure that he won't get on and see this post ... he never does :)