Friday, July 26, 2013

Pioneer Day (and swimming)

We had a really fun Pioneer day this year!  It's very different being in Utah for the holiday, but even more different having it actually seem like a holiday because Preston took work off. In fact, the seminary didn't want anyone working that day.  So, it felt more exciting and special.  We had a big pancake, cinnamon roll, and bacon breakfast while we watched the parade and Preston shared part of a journal entry of one of our ancestors who was part of the founding of SLC.  He was with Brigham Young when he declared "This is the place."  Pretty cool.

Then we went to the fire station because it just so happens that a fire chief is in our ward.  He and his  team gave us a tour of the fire station.  The boys loved it.  Even the grown ones!

During Zander's nap we played some games and then we went to a neighborhood block party and BBQ.  The boys had a blast with the bounce house.  It was a first for Zander.  He has always been too scared to go in the bounce house, so I was proud that he gave it a try anyway.  We also saw Brayden's first and only friend there so he like that.

After driving through the mountains and accross the country, I think how much of a sacrifice the pioneers made. They had to leave everything behind and walk for months only to come to find a desert to try and live in.  I can only imagine the feeling they had as they looked at the mountains they had to climb.  And yet, somehow, I can also imagine the sweet comfort and the extreme anticipation of knowing they were going to have a fresh start on life. I can relate more to the pioneers this year.  I am grateful for their faith and sacrifice.

Brayden said "Mom I smiled SO hard." Haha. Yes you did buddy!
 Like father, like son, like grandson. . .

I thought they were so nice to let the kids get in all the trucks!

Zander couldn't get enough of the bell.  It used to be used before sirens were invented. This was him sneaking over while we took pictures.

The Whole Brown bunch! Well, except Dan.

The ambulance!  The boys were incredible.  After they saw the inside and heard Auntie's ambulance story, they said started talking about Grandy's fall from the ladder because they understood that she should have been in an ambulance.  Which is probably true :)

Again, how awesome that they allowed them to try it all out!

The oldest fire truck there.

Taking HUGE drinks of snow cone :)

 And then today we went swimming! So, here's some of our fun.  I let Zander swim without me in the pool for the first time and he was a champ!  He jumped in the little hot tub that wasn't actually heated a few times and then got in the big pool.  He even wanted to try out the diving board! Until he got up there at least. . . then he had second thoughts and I had to hold his hand to help him.  Man, it's gonna be hard to keep up with this boy! Brayden was a great swimmer as usual too of course! We were at Preston's cousin's house with a bunch of kids, but all bigger than my boys.  They had a blast with other kids!

figuring out tether ball.