Friday, February 25, 2011

Incase you were wondering what Brayden's been up to

I have been absolutely awful at putting pictures from the camera onto the computer. Thus, there's been a lack of Brayden photos on the blog. Which is the best part, right? So, here's the Brayden update along with a few photos I do have on here. There will be more coming.

Brayden loves movies and insists on standing right in front of the TV. He especially loves his Baby Einstein movies and Disney Cars. He doesn't watch all of Cars though. . . just when the cars are making their loud engine sounds and racing and stuff. What a boy. 

He has figured out how to open the DVD player and take a movie out, but he's still working on getting it in the right way. He can also push play.

He is walking constantly now. He's a total walker! And actually has really good balance. He can get going pretty fast without falling. Of course he still holds his fists in the air as he goes. So adorable :)

Brayden enjoys his tubby time again! Hallelujah! Don't know what happened, but he screamed about baths after Christmas break for a few weeks. But then we discovered the magic of bubble baths.

We put Brayden in some real shoes (with solid soles) and he thought they were very strange, but once he started walking, he just went in circles around the house looking very proud. Thanks Pam for the hand-me-downs!

Brayden LOVES watching Daddy clog and mimics him by stomping all over. It is probably the cutest thing ever. I have a video I need to put up!

Still not a lot of coherent words from this boy, but he jabbers all day long with TONS of different sounds like he's really saying something. Well, I'm sure he is really saying something, but I mean that it almost sounds like words, just not real ones yet. My favorite is when he's talking away and then laughs at what he says. It happens quite often. Sometimes he'll laugh at what I say back to him like "that doesn't have anything to do with what I'm talking about Mom." 

He gets great facial expressions that almost always tell you what he's thinking.

He's entered the terrible two tantrums early I think. This kid knows how to throw a fit! We've done a couple "time out" sort of things for him and he's come out from his room so happy for the next couple hours! I was very impressed.

He stopped saying Amen after prayers and doesn't always do his prayer hands for us anymore. I guess it was one of those passing tricks that he feels like he mastered and doesn't need to practice.

Anyway, enough of my silly comments, see for yourself!

Watching Baby Einstein - World Animals

Waking up from naptime

Fun bubble bath. And yes, his lips are blue, but not because he's cold. He just ate lots of blueberries :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Looks like I made a good choice. . . thanks for the feedback! I just scheduled an appointment for next week! Maybe I'll see some of you around :D

Finally Insured!

15.5 weeks pregnant and I finally have insurance! Thank you Medicaid :) So, I'm anxious to go see a doctor (especially since they could tell gender by now!). Any good suggestions for around Tallahassee? I was looking doctors up online, and I found one place that uses doctors and Midwives - Gynecology & Obstetrics Associates, Inc. of Tallahassee, Florida. Ever heard of it? Please let me know if you have a doctor you love! I used midwives with Brayden and liked all of them, but I'm open to anything. Thanks again!