Tuesday, October 7, 2008

General Conference = AMAZING!

As many of you are probably aware, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just had it's 178th semiannual General Conference. It was so great! I'm so glad that we have them every 6 months because I'm always feeling ready for some spiritual fuel by the time it comes. It just makes me so happy when I watch! This year I was touched by the messages of simplicity, preparedness, unity and gratitude. Of course there were tons of topics covered, but those are a few specific things that stood out to me as things that I needed to hear. I just can't get over the fact that we have a living prophet who truly loves us and tells us what our Father in Heaven wants us to hear!

Preston & I were able to go to the Conference Center for the Sunday afternoon session. I love being there! I kinda stepped in a puddle of mud on my way to the conference center from the car :) We were holding hands walking on the sidewalk behind a couple who was pushing a stroller and Preston started moving closer to me, so I thought that was his cue to pass them on the grass. That's what I get for thinking I guess. I just went for it, thinking that if we were going to pass them we should be quick about it. Preston tried to warn me right as I stepped on the grass that it looked muddy. Too late. But, it was a nice thought anyway. I found out later that Preston was moving toward me because there was a lady on the sidewalk. Hello, you'd think I would have noticed that! haha. Silly me. So, I just had to go to Conference with a slighlty soggy shoe. After Conference was over, President Monson walked down into the congregation and came pretty close to where we were sitting. Everyone filled up the isle, so we didn't actually get to shake his hand or anything, but it was still such a great feeling to know that he cares about ME! And everyone else who was there. I know that Preston and I were touched by the messages at General Conference. Even if I didn't hear a word that was said, I would love going just for the feeling there. On our way back to the car, Preston almost stepped into mud, but I saved him with my brute strength :) haha. Well, I wish. But I did save him, somehow, with my non-existent strength.

It's also pretty neat for me to realize how well the gospel correlates with Social Work. Sometimes it is hard to know how to handle certain situations, but really, I just need to love the people that I'm helping and let them know that they have worth. There are so many wonderful people in the world and so many that are lost sheep and need someone to help them find a fold. I hope that I can be an angel in the lives of those I serve.

Besides watching conference, it was a good week with the family. We watched the Saturday morning session with friends and then went to Preston's house for the next session. His dad was actually there because there was a youth choir providing the music for that session. (he's in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir). So, that was fun! During the Priesthood session, I went to a movie with my mom, sister and grandma which was also fun. We also got smoothies afterward, which were yummy. Then, I met Preston back at his house and one of his friends came over and we all played games for a while. Sunday, we took our time in the morning and watched the session at Preston's house. Then we got to go to the Conference Center that night. We enjoyed a tasty dinner from my mom and then headed back to Provo. It was a good weekend. Now we get back to tests, class, homework, work, and internships. I'd rather just listen to conference every day :) Oh well, I do enjoy the Social Work program. It really is the best and it's too bad they ended the program. Well, you've probably all had similar experiences, but I wanted to share mine.

Taosting to Conference with our smoothies :)

We got someone to take a picture with Mumsy in it

I won the first game of pool which pretty much never happens, so I requested a picture to document my victory!

After General Conference

Close up outside the Conference Center

We asked a nice fellow to take our picture for us

Me talking to Mumsy in between pictures

This was actually the first picture that we took and we tried to block the sun with the camera ... bad idea :) We didn't really take shadows into account. But, it does make for a pretty funny picture.