Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Brother Update

Went to the doctor again. Got my RhoGAM shot. Passed my glucose test. Still HIV negative (phew. . .I was worried :D ). Weight is 118 for a total gain of 10 pounds so far. Start going to the doctor every 2 weeks now. Everything is going great!

Here's the thing. . . I keep having these thoughts that my baby will come early. Like, a month early. I wish I knew if they were inspirational feelings or just thought. Whatever it is, it makes me really excited to think that I could have a fresh new baby in just a couple of months! Whether he's early or not, I am getting really excited for my new little man! Scared out of my mind, but overjoyed at the thought as well!

I am so excited for Brayden to be an older brother. I am so excited to hold another precious newborn. I am so excited to have another shot at raising a little boy and teaching him about life. I am so excited to see my own growth with this new addition. And yet, I'm nervous that all these things won't go well. Mostly, I'm holding on to the excitement and pushing the fear aside. I don't know why, but this pregnancy has zoomed by. I've hardly remembered I'm pregnant all the time and now he's almost here! So, I'm just catching up on all the exciting anticipation I've been missing out on I guess.

Baby's doing great! He kicks around a ton. Brayden moved a lot, but he had a lot of slow movements that you could watch. This little guy is always full of quick punches and kicks. We watched my belly for 10 minutes last night just seeing him make his sudden movements. I love him already!

Name update. . . well, there isn't one yet. But, here's the ongoing list of options:

  • Zander
  • Connor
  • Tyson
  • Taylor
  • Quinn
  • Cody
We really don't know about our favorite name yet. Something about Zander just draws us in, but we know it's bordering weird and Preston's family has already informed us that they will call him something else. So, there's some strikes against it, but I still just really like it at the same time. It would grow on you I'm sure. But, the other names are all good too and not so weird. TELL ME WHAT YOU LIKE AND DON'T LIKE! Seriously, we love feedback! Good and bad!