Sunday, February 26, 2012

February catch-up

I just can't seem to keep up with life on the blog these days! Highlights since last post are:

  • Preston's birthday!
  • Zander's first tooth (bottom left)
  • Disney/temple weekend
  • Brayden sang his first song! He must have been looking at the stars on his ceiling while I changed his diaper because he started doing actions for the song first. I asked him if he was doing twinkle twinkle little star and he started singing with me. He sang the whole song with an extra emphasis on all the rhyming words and mostly mumbles in between. Cutest thing ever. It went something like this:
Turkle turkle du du STAWR
ow a du du du you AWER
Up buv du du HIGH
du du du du du the SKY
Turkle turkle du du STAWR
ow a du du du you AWER.

Zander loves this picture of Brayden that's on the wall in their room, so we tried to recreate it for Zander.
Brayden (5 months)

Zander (5 months)

Zander learning to sit up and holding his favorite stuffed animal.