Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lemons Galore

A guy from our ward informed Preston of a place and time to be for all the lettuce and lemons  that you want for free. I haven't exactly figured out the story behind why, but I guess it happens every year. We got WAY more than we could ever use! We only fit a few bags of them in the fridge, but we had 3 boxes in the garage still! We even gave some away to neighbors and Preston took some to school for friends. Then I got sick and they stayed in the garage to rot in the heat (it's been 95 the last couple days!). I finally got around to going through all the lemons and washing all the good ones. Here they are. Can you believe I have a fruit drawer full of them already?? Wow. . . tomorrow I'll start some major juicing and possibly make some more lemon bars. Yum.

Maclay Gardens

There's a state park close by us here called the Alfred B. Maclay Gardens and we've never gone, but I got an email from a ward friend informing everyone that it's free admission on May 21st. So, I figured, why not? It was great! We played at the playground, we went swimming in the lake there and then we walked around the gardens for a few minutes. We didn't get very far because Brayden was very busy and tired, but he had fun and it was nice to get out and have something to do! I'm sure we'll go back with Preston eventually. Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures since I was mostly involved with Brayden, but I managed a couple.

As soon as we finished at the playground, Brayden headed to the water. As soon as I mentioned swimming, he grabbed my hand and tried several times to go straight down to the water before we even got to the swim area. But, he didn't complain when I carried him away from the water to change at least.

Brayden's favorite part on the walk were the water fountains they had. Especially because of the brick block. He also decided that he needed to walk on the small little edge wall that was there. No fear.
The view of the lake from one of the sitting areas on the garden path.

I'm also excited to talk to my mom!! I know that sounds weird, but she's been traveling with my grandparents for the past 3 weeks, so I haven't been able to communicate other than getting a couple of emails from her. But, she gets to Malaysia tonight (my time) so she said she'd call and we can video chat right before Brayden goes to bed :) Yay! Fun fun.

Hope you have a good weekend too!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


There are haircuts all around! Of course you already got a look at my fabulous new do, but I also decided it was time for Brayden's hair to get a cut because when it was wet, the front went down to his eyes (what happened. . . he used to be practically bald!). So he got a cut on Monday. Preston asked me for a haircut before he left so he got one on Tuesday. Lots of haircuts. Anyway, I have pictures of Brayden's handsome new look. Of course, I have had to do a little fixing as I see a piece that's too long or something. It's tough cutting a toddler's hair. . . I had to hide the scissors so he wouldn't run away. I let him play with my iPod and sat there stroking his hair as I often do and every now and then I would SNIP. He'd look around at me with curiosity and a look that obviously knew that I was up to something. When I showed him the hair that was cut off he got his icky face and tried to brush it away. I thought it would be cool to have a picture of him holding it :) Instead I have all these:

BEFORE                                           AFTER

Still playing on the iTouch

It's not much, but here's the cut off hair.

Gone Again

Well, we dropped Preston off at the airport today and won't see him until late Monday night. But, for some reason, I'm doing much better this time around than when he left last weekend. I guess because this trip has been planned for months. His best friend, Rob, is getting married on Friday and he just couldn't miss it. But, we didn't think it was a good financial decision for me to join him. Although I would have loved to be there. It also helped me be ok with it knowing that my family's all out of town right now, so I wouldn't be able to see them anyway.  Anyway, now that's Brayden's in bed and I'm getting ready to go to bed is my time to miss my love, but I'm still holding up alright. We'll see how i'm doing by the end of the 5 days :)

Oh, but the plane tickets were much cheaper out of Panama City Airport, so we drove the 2 hours there and Brayden and I went and found a beach afterwards which was really fun. Beautiful white sand and the clearest water! We'll probably go back Monday when Preston comes home. My only dilemma is what to do after the beach because Preston doesn't arrive until 9. We'll see. No pictures from today though. I left the camera battery in the charger. . . oops. Monday there will be pictures!