Tuesday, December 29, 2009

enjoying laying in front of the space heater

typical sleeping position

haha. Cute face in his cute football outfit

so precious ... trying to show off his duckie looks

he was frozen in this position for a couple minutes

long toes!

here you go Nuby ... thanks for the bib!

I love how he holds binkies in his mouth

Friday, December 18, 2009

One of Those Days

First of all, we've been to the doctor 3 times this week! Monday for Brayden's first check-up, Wednesday for Brayden's circumcision and yesterday for my check-up. Yesterday was one of those days that made me grateful that I can stay at home in my pajamas most of the time :)

The had to check me and make sure everything looked good and I had a couple questions about breastfeeding, so they checked my nipples first to make sure everything looked good. As soon as opened up and pulled them out, they both started flowing milk out. The midwife grabbed some tissues for me to stop the milk with, but they were like fountains! Tissues just weren't enough. She got a blanket to lay on my lap so that I wouldn't get wet, which was nice. She joked that I definitely didn't have any issues with my milk supply and then asked if I wanted to try nursing now since I was obviously ready. So, we pulled Brayden out and he had a great meal. He got a little messy, but that happens. Then, while I'm feeding him and he's laying on my lap, he goes to the bathroom and wets all over the blanket and his clothes. Isn't that what diapers are for? hehe. Well, I guess I didn't tighten it enough this time. And of course, I didn't bring a change of clothes for him that day. Just when I was thinking "welcome to the life of a mother" and finding humor in the situation, Brayden spits up milk all over my lap. Geez. After that it wasn't too bad, but we stopped at the store to get more bottles for my pumped milk and some vaseline for Brayden while he's healing from his little surgery. So here we go walking in the store and I'm feeling like a big mess ... that's when I just want to be back at home in my pajamas. Overall it was fairly comical and I was laughing during most of that visit, but it is a good reminder of one more reason to keep Brayden home for a few weeks!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tender Mercies

I love being a mother. I've only been one for 5 days and I already know it's what I've always lived for and will eternally live for. There is no greater calling. But heaven knows it's not easy. Here's some tender mercies I am grateful to enjoy.

  1. Living with Mumsy who is happy to help with my little man even in the middle of the night.
  2. A boy who let me sleep for 6 hours this morning with one feeding in the middle and then slept for another hour while I figured out my breastpump and started filling a bottle.
  3. All the visitors that we've had who love our little Brayden.
  4. Christmas being around the corner and having basically all my gifts ready to go.
  5. Being married to a man who will tell me how wonderful I am every day.
  6. The amazing meal we got last night from the Bradshaws.
  7. Being blessed with the ability to do almost anything 1 handed so I can still hold my babe.
  8. Seeing Brayden look around (I swear he's looking at angels) with the biggest smiles on his face as I sing him primary songs.
  9. Knowing that my Heavenly Father is aware of my abilities and is helping me discover them too.
  10. Being able to stay in my pajamas all day when I have nowhere to go.
I have been so incredibly blessed! I only hope that I will always remember the wonderful things in life when times get tough.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Fun has Arrived!

Brayden Weston Brown was born December 9, 2009 at 11:11pm. He weighed 6 lbs 15 oz and measured 21 inches long. He truly is a bundle of joy and the best Christmas present we could ask for. We brought him home last night about 8:30 and are still trying to get the night/day times straight with him. Maybe our next Christmas present will be a little more sleep at night :) But, lack of sleep is a small sacrifice for the wonderful blessing that has been given to us.

WARNING: the rest of this post is long and detailed (not inappropriate), so if you get bored easily, skip to the pictures at the end.

Here's the birth story (well, what you'd want to know). Preston and I had a doctors appointment on the 9th at 3:30 for our usual weekly check-up. We both went straight from work and met there expecting the usual "everything looks normal, see ya next week" routine. However, it turns out my bloodpressure had skyrocketed (140/100 if that means anything). I don't really know much about normal blood pressure, but I've always been normal when I went in. They thought it might be toximia because I've been swollen for the last few weeks too, but I didn't have protein in my urine and I wasn't seeing spots. The midwife came to check me and my belly was measuring right and little Brayden's heartbeat sounded good. She checked my dialation and I was at a 2+ and was soft, so she told us she was going to send us down to labor and delivery where they could do a couple other tests and possibly decide to induce me. She told me that unfortunately, it probably was toximia or something similar that wouldn't go away until the baby was out and since he was full-term he wasn't in any danger of coming now, but I would be in danger going around with high blood pressure. So, down to labor and delivery we went. Needless to say, they decided it was safest to just keep me there and induce me. I had a feeling that the baby was coming this week, but no idea it would be through induction. My body seemed to be preparing anyway and he would have made an appearance soon, but now we got him a little early :)

It all felt kinda sureal for them to say they would induce because that meant I was having my baby ... ready or not. The midwife in labor and delivery told me that it would probably be at least 24 hours before the baby was born and she would be surprised if I had him before 7:00pm the next night. She was getting off her shift right away, so another midwife was the one who came just as they started my pitocin around 6:30 or 7:00 pm. The nurse, Kim, and the midwife, Angel, were both so great! They really made the difference in my experience. I sent Preston home to get our stuff and install the carseat so it was ready to go, assuming that it would be a while until anything really happened. It wasn't 2 hours later that my contractions had started to get pretty painful and intense, so I started timing them. I told Preston that I was having contractions every 5 minutes that lasted 60 seconds ... pretty sure that's active labor. I didn't every say anything to the nurse about them being painful because that's my way of coping ... just pretend like it doesn't hurt and it won't. Plus, I figured she had the contractions monitored and I didn't want to sound wimpy ... as far as I knew, I still had 22 hours left to go, so I wasn't about to complain now. When Preston and my mom got there I told them that I wanted to ask about the epidural, but I wasn't sure if I should wait a little longer since I had so much time left. They both thought that I should ask about it since I was in pain. So, when the nurse came in I asked about maybe getting an epidural soon and she looked surprised, but said that was fine. She told me she'd have the midwife come check my dialation first so we new my progression. Angel came in and said I was at a 4 already, which was pretty good. She said that from here, the average would be 1 cm per hour, so approx. 6 hours would be normal. That would mean my little man would be born at 4 am December 10th. They brought the anesthesiologist in and I got my epidural just before Preston's dad was able to come and help Preston give me a blessing. He didn't stick around long, but we told him to tell Preston's mom that I was progressing fast and he'd be born in about 6 hours. He headed off and Angel came back to check me again and maybe break my water to speed things up. During the blessing that I got, my water actually partially broke itself, so with each contraction some would get pushed out. I told Angel, so she checked me and said that she'd just break the rest of it so that it would all come out. Then she measured me. In 30 minutes I had dialated to an 8. Yes, 4 cm in 30 minutes ... not too shabby. My legs were starting to go numb, but I could still feel all the contractions with at least a little pain. After the water broke, the pain was almost back to how it was without the epidural, so I was grateful to have at least a little help in feeling less pain. Luckily for me, I didn't have to endure the most intense contractions for long because I was moving so quickly. Kim started to pull out the delivery table after I was at 8cm and by the time she had it out, Angel told me that I was to a 10 and 100% effacement, so pretty much I was ready to start pushing. About the time she said that, I could feel my contractions start pushing for me, so I knew he was coming quick. Angel got her robe and gloves on and I started pushing. I pushed for 8 minutes and then he was out. It all happened so fast I still didn't know why there was a little baby sitting on my tummy and it certainly hadn't hit me that he was mine, but there was something in me that knew I was now a mother. My son was here and he was beautiful. I had been induced a mere 4-4 1/2 hours earlier and now my son was in my arms. It was hard to believe. But, now I know a new talent that I've been hiding ... making babies :) It's like I was made to have children or something ... easy pregnancy and easy labor. I have been so blessed and I know my little boy is a special spirit. He has a great life ahead of him and I can't wait to see who he becomes!

When they took Brayden to get wieghed and measured, Preston was with them across the room, so I asked him who he looked like. His response was a bit surprising ... he said he looked like a duck. What? haha. But, he does get duck lips because he sucks his lower lip into his mouth so much. Since we didn't have a name, we called him Duckie for a little while until we picked a name. So, now what you've all been waiting for. Meet Duckie:

final pregnancy shot.

our little boy in his burrito wrap (as we call it)

Preston, Brayden & Grandma Brown

Our family & Angel, the midwife who helped us become complete!

A somewhat creepy picture of me, but adorable picture of Brayden in all his cuteness!

When they first pulled him out and set him on my belly.

Father & Son

The little man all purple and sad from his trip through the birth canal

Our family

Proud Mommy

Cutest boy ever!

Getting dressed in his clothes for the first time ... they're HUGE!

all wrapped up for the cold outdoors

all our hospital bands

great picture ... it just screams "Now What?" to me :)

Sadie loves the baby. She wants to kiss him all day long. She stayed up with us all night and followed me around everywhere I took little Brayden. Sometimes I had to close her out so she wouldn't be in the way during feeding, etc. But, she's been very sweet!

Brayden is a wonderful baby. He didn't cry when he came out until they sucked stuff out of his nose and mouth, but then stopped. He still doesn't cry too often, just fusses until we figure out what he needs. He's figuring life out pretty quick and we're getting good at breastfeeding. So, life is great and we're loving our new little addition!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's about time!

No, I didn't have the baby yet ... I just haven't spent much time on the blog lately :) So, it's about time for another update. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.


This was our dessert last night when we got home from buying a bunch of healthy foods :) At our first time mom & dad class they gave us a list of top 11 foods to eat that will give you the nutrients you need, so we decided to buy them all and use them. Of course, fats and sugars are part of a balanced diet right? :)

The cute mugs that Nuby gave us when she was visiting because we have our tradition of drinking hot chocolate at the first snow (and many after), but no traditional cups. Now we've got both!


The U vs. Y game ... loved being there!

Steve & Preston right after halftime

The post-game field rush ... this is just the beginning.

And the best part ... THE SCOREBOARD!! I love my cougars!


Tigger has been enjoying our bassinet and crib a lot! She jumps in them constantly and often will stay there for a little cat nap. We think it's really cute, but now we're a little worried. Preston's mom passed on a little message from his grandma Cottrell that was a little spooky. She told us that Grandma woke up from a deep sleep a few nights ago (which is unusual) and just had this same thought come to her over and over. She kept thinking "you need to tell Preston," "tell Preston," "make sure you tell Preston," etc. She figured she had been dreaming something that led to this thought, but it wouldn't go away, so she went to the bathroom and just kept hearing almost a voice saying the same thing to her. After about half an hour of laying in bed again and not being able to sleep, she finally said "okay, I'll tell Preston, but what do you want me to tell him?" Immediately the thought came clearly to her as if someone were speaking "tell Preston to get rid of the cat because cats kill babies." That still gives me goosebumps when I hear it. Cats will apparently curl up on or next to babies faces and they'll suffocate. I had no idea, but knowing that Tigger likes the baby's beds and is definitely snuggly I can't help but be really grateful for whatever spirit sent us the warning through grandma. Of course, Tigger's not exactly our cat to "get rid of" so we're looking into her staying with someone else when the baby is born. Otherwise we will have to be extremely cautious for the first month until Tigger joins her Mom & Dad in Malaysia. Don't worry Kim & Trip, we still love your kitty :)

When I went to get the crib mattress, it came with another bedding set too. So, I had to decide which one was best for my baby boy. What do you think?

The nursery before adding all the bedding

With the bedding. We decided on the one that came with the mattress because I loved having green as a color and it is more nuetral for our next chillins. Plus, it has cute decorations that match, a diaper stacker, a valance and a whole bunch of things that the cute family threw in as extra stuff that will be really helpful for us first-time parents.

The changing table, diaper stacker, diaper genie & supplies. Maybe I'll clear off the window sill before Baby comes ... ?

Our cute nursery set :)

Tigger enjoying the mobile in the crib. I missed her pawing at them.

As you can see, things are going well and we're "ready" for the baby. Every doctor appt. is pretty much the same thing ... "everything's normal." So, whatever that means, I guess we're on the right track for the 16th. Of course, it's all up to our little guy. Hopefully my tummy's not TOO comfortable for him :) I don't want him staying in there forever.