Monday, September 20, 2010

23 and counting

Yep folks, that's right. I have officially been alive for 23 years and I'm goin' strong! Because it's my special day I get to spend time doing things I love ... sleeping in until almost 8, eating the best birthday breakfast ever, and now blogging. Of course I got to go do some errands at the store and the bank and I have some more things to do, but it's all fun when it's on my birthday. I think it's almost impossible for me to get upset on my birthday. It's a happy day.

I wonder why every day isn't like this?? I should work on that. Maybe I'll figure that out in the next 23 years to come. (that's weird to think about ... 2033 ... )

Here's some pictures from the football game on Saturday. We were wearing our blue and hoping for the Y's victory, but it was a win-win for us. We can still say that "we" won!
" Oh no, another interception!"