Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, I am still excited by my birthday. It's only been a month :) Today, I just wanted to share what I bought with the birthday money from Mom & Dad Brown. I've been looking into buying a glider for a while now and I really like the reclining ones which are more expensive so I thought I was going to have to spend Grandma's birthday money in addition to Mom & Dad's plus some of our baby budget to get one of these, but I lucked out and found one for $98 on sale! (It's originally $240) I absolutely LOVE it! It's so comfortable and just what I need for nursing my little boy and rocking him to sleep. Thanks Mom & Dad!! and thanks to Shopko for having their "lowest prices of the year" sale!

my brand new glider right after Preston & I set it up on Monday

Enjoying this little piece of heaven :)