Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fabulous Fun Friday!

So, our relief society had and enrichment activity called fabulous fun friday. We made some fabulous crafts, had a lot of fun and it was on a friday ... so it's a fitting title. Anyway, I pretty much did every craft there was because they were all so cute! Now we have some fun decorations for our home :) So, that was fun!

On Saturday Preston and I went to the football game, which we ended up winning, but I was worried for a little while. It was WAY warmer than I expected since it had been freezing the rest of the week. I pretty much bundled up and had to peel off layers as soon as I got there. And, I didn't bring my chapstick with SPF protection (which is pretty much a must for me because I have really sensitive lips apparently) so pretty much I have three coldsores now. But, they kinda blend into one and aren't very big, so I should be grateful! I've had much worse :)

After the football game, we decided we were in a movie mood, so we went to redbox and I wanted to see Made of Honor or Fool's Gold and Preston wanted to see this goosbumps movie (which we had never heard of before, but he used to love the books) or the Forbidden Kingdom movie. I wasn't really in a Forbidden Kingdom mood and he wasn't really in a Fool's Gold or Made of Honor mood, so we settled on the Goosebumps "Horrorland" movie. I would not recommend it. It was pretty funny just because of how lame it was. Maybe it's just because we weren't expecting it, but it was pretty bad. Not bad like gruesome, bad like super cheesy and old. Plus, it was like a TV show, not a movie so after we watched the first two episodes, we turned it off and tried to find a good halloween movie on our "on demand" free movies. We chose the Howling, which said it was edited for TV, but I don't so. So, we had to turn that one off too. Not the best movie night.