Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When Mumsy Comes to Visit. . .

We get lots of play time! We went to Daytona and Orlando over Spring break and enjoyed the beach and Disney World. Now, we're back home and there's a helping hand with the yard work while B naps. So nice! Did I mention that I'M the helping hand? Mumsy does most of the hard stuff. But, I'm learning. . .

Anyway, here's the pictures (and I mean, way too many pictures, but I loved them all!).

THE BEACH - Let's just say Brayden is a beach boy. . . probably could have stayed there all day.

There was a section of the beach that was all shells. . . we literally couldn't see any sand, just broken shells.

and kisses

PLAYING AT THE RESORT- they had lots of fun activities!

 One of my favorite moments. . . Brayden wanted to do the slide by himself FACE FIRST! He did it once with Daddy's help, but this time he didn't slow down. . .

. . . which makes for a mouth full of sand.

put the ball in the hole. . . that's the point right?

clean up

Yay for cleaning up!

Our own game- curling on a shuffle board court. . . Curlboard?

He loved Shuffleboard! 


That bird found a nice home. . .


Brayden loved the safari ride!

His favorite was the giraffe because it was so close up!

Pooped from a fun day.

MAGIC KINGDOM- loved the rides, hated the lines. Why do we have to stand still for 20 minutes, right? 

"But I don't want to let Pooh Bear go!!"

Brayden standing in the front of the boat during It's a Small World. That was his all time favorite ride. He danced to the music the whole time and was mesmerized by it.

"So Big" on Daddy's shoulders

Asleep before we even left. And he stayed that way through the trams and the car ride home!
And if you made it this far then you've seen some pretty darn cute pictures of our little Brayden. It was a great Spring Break and we look forward to Disney in May again to use the rest of our passes!