Friday, February 13, 2009

Ode to Michelle

So, I went to Michelle's bridal shower last weekend (good job by the way Liz! It was great fun!). It just reminded me of all the good times we had in high school. AND I never see her any more since she's in good ol' Cedar City. So, I just figured I'd post my favorite moments with Michelle along with pictures of her shower ... double duty!

(why 17? ... I don't know. It was only going to be 10, but there were too many!)

1. "Studying" statistics together

2. Singing in her living room or with other friends

3. Watching 13 going on 30 while eating Razzles ... that was probably more enjoyable for me since that's one of my favorite movies (though Enchanted has recently taken over the #1 favorite), but Michelle was nice enough to do it with me :D

4. Our matching pajama bottoms that had matching rips in them ... kind of creepy cuz it wasn't planned.

5. Taking pictures at every ride we went on at Disneyland

This is definitely not our best one, but it's in front of Indiana Jones.

just a random extra picture from our same trip :)

6. Sitting across from her in Madrigals ... who wouldn't like seeing her beautiful face every day in class?

7. Having 6 classes together senior year

8. Trying to get phase 10 cards to stick to our faces long enough to get a picture.

9. Jumping on the bed at choir tour ... who does that? :)

10. Toilet papering Michelle ... not her house, just her. What can I say? We were weird :)

11. The ultimate April fools prank ... switching houses in the middle of the night (it would have been better had it not been spoiled by one of our seminary teachers who called her parents to tell them so that they could move her car)

12. Seminary council meetings.

13. Thinking we were getting pulled over on our way to a madrigal's performance at the Assembly hall, but having the cop just pass us by. We were even speeding cuz we were late... close one!

14. Visiting Cedar City the day before I got my patriarchal blessing ... needless to say, I had to leave super early to get to Salt Lake by 9 for my blessing. The sad part was that I left my phone in Michelle's room on my way out AND I locked the door behind me ... I don't even remember how that worked out.

15. Sitting on the dark bus on our way home from choir tour while everyone else went to the mall (It was a Sunday).

16. Buying 2 dollar pants at Macey's. I still wear mine!

yes, I tried them on over my pants in the store to see how they looked :)

17. I don't know if this counts as one of my favorite memories because I didn't actually remember it. I just happened to find this picture and it made me smile. We were in our High School's drama closet basically ... really it's a whole basement.

I seriously think that I have pictures of most of these events, but I'm at work right now, so I'll have to add them when I get home. I just decided to check facebook and see if I had any of these pictures on there and found some! But, I'm pretty sure I have more and some better ones, so check back later and I'll see what I can find. It's always fun to think back about memories when you were young and weird. Yes, we were very weird. But, weird is fun and that's what matters!

Anyway, so now we're all grown up and mature (or something like that) and having bridal showers. Here's all those fun pictures :)

Ka and Chloe came! Chloe's getting so big and was so cute ... for some reaon I didn't get her in a picture, but you'll have to take my word for it!

This is the remaining group after the shower had been over for about 20 minutes or so. There were so many people there and it was so great to see everyone!!

So, I really didn't take many pictures, but it was a very well done shower. We watched all the cute parts of movies and had to guess what the movie was and people's names. It was great :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Promised Pictures

Here are the pictures I promised from Preston's birthday. Are you excited?

1. Breakfast .. crepes with bananas, lemon filling and syrup

2. The birthday boy getting ready for his special day

3. Getting ready to open his birthday present after breakfast ... what could it be?

4. An iPOD TOUCH!! Just what he wanted :)

5. I didn't get a picture, but Dan and I decorated Preston's seminary office the night before, so Preston got that surprise before the next one. That's right ... I'm just the best little wife. Or something like that :)

6. The decorations at home for the surprise party.

7. The cake Kim so kindly made for the party.

8. Preston conducting his "Happy Birthday" song ... what a silly goof.

9. P-man blowing out all 24 candles ... just wait 'til next year when there's 25! Then we'll see if he can get them all :D

10. The group after pretty much everyone left :) I didn't think about it before. But, Thanks to everyone who showed up! It meant a lot to Preston!

11. An awesome picture of us throwing balloons. HAHA. Makes me laugh every time!

12. A normal, way cute, picture of the group with me in it instead of Dan (who so kindly took the great picture for us!)