Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our New Adventures

I was going to have a post making you guess where we were going - Purdue or Florida State. But, it's been long enough that many people already know that we've decided on Florida State to attend in the fall. Not only have we decided to go there, but we visited, went house hunting and now have a house under contract in Tallahassee. I guess that's pretty official, right? Oh, and did I mention WE GOT A HOUSE??? kinda.... as soon as it's all closed on. Anyway, I'm way excited!!! I have pictures, but I'm using Preston's laptop which isn't where all those pictures are, but there are some from online that I'll post. The master bedroom sinks are awesome! And it's great for Sadie - fenced yard, doggie door, and raised garden boxes. Plus, we got lucky and have a garage. Most houses we saw didn't. I guess you don't need them in Florida? Anyway, we're excited about our new adventures!!

Having the computer in Brayden's room is not conducive to blogging

The title says it all. I want to blog. I really do. Maybe I'm weird, but I'll think at random times during the day "I should blog about this." Unfortunately, my blogging times are Brayden's sleeping times. I could blog when Brayden naps during the day, but somehow always have other things to do ... imagine that. When Brayden goes to bed for the night I'm in the mood for blogging and uploading pictures and telling everyone how much I love my life, but the light from the computer keeps Brayden awake. I think we're going to figure something out for that. Until then, I'll blog when I can.