Thursday, October 3, 2013

Zander's Birthday - a bit belated :)

We had a little party on Zander's birthday way back in August that I never posted, so just doing a little catch up.

It wasn't anything too fancy, but Momma Brown helped me make some cake pops that turned out super cute, not to mention yummy!!! Then we just did yogurt/berry parfaits and mini bagels because it was brunch time. I made a "2" pinata I was pretty proud of and then prepared a couple simple games.  It turned out a success because Zander had a great time.  He and Brayden were talking about it for weeks and are now all about birthdays :)  Mission accomplished!

Here's the photos!
The Cute "Happy" Birthday cake pops!

Balloon static!
My homemade pinata!! (pretty good, right?)

So, 30 seconds after this picture, Makaila was tears because her mom had hit the pinata! She was pretty sure you're not supposed to hit things! Hahaha )

In the end, we needed a little Daddy muscle to break it open.

makeshift candles. . . I always forget something!! ;)

 We planned on making dinner at home, but when it was already dinner time and we were all tired from a fun party day, we asked Zander what he would want to eat and he wanted fries. Haha. So, we figured we could splurge on Wendy's.  And splurge we did!  We bought them kids meals for the first time ever!!  They LOVED it and still point out "the Wendy's from Zander's birthday" every time we pass.  I love kids!