Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pool Fun

Brayden's a water boy. He could play in water all day long.  So, I wanted to take him to the pool while we're in this great resort in Orlando.  I'll admit I was pretty nervous to take both boys by myself though. Brayden can't swim and Zander can't even sit up.  So, they'd both need a lot of help.  I finally decided to just at least go walk by and see what the pool area was like and if I thought I could handle it. It was a huge success! As soon as we got there I knew Brayden would just love it so much, so we went to the bathroom and changed into swimsuits. That's when I discovered I had forgotten the swim diapers. Oops. Sort of important. I decided I'd just let him play in the fountain area with a normal diaper and maybe we'd go back later for the pool. Brayden loved it and was so good. Eventually more kids came and started getting in the pool and of course Brayden kept saying "pool" (more like "ool") so I went in the gift shop to ask about buying a diaper. They wanted $3.50 for ONE DIAPER!!! Heck no! We made the 10 minute walk back to the room, ate apple sauce and made the trek back with all our gear.  Of course Zander was hot in the stroller but cold in the water (I didn't get him all the way in cuz he gasped just with wet feet) so I had to either hold him or go back and forth between pool and stroller the whole time. It worked out though and Brayden was being a great listener when I'd tell him to stay close or just sit and splash for a minute. The pool was 0 entry and only went up to 3 ft. So, it was perfect for him. Plus, I tried out some arm floaties that my mom picked up for us for $.50 last time she was here. He didn't like them at all until I showed him how they made him float and then he started doing his goofy giggle every time he'd sit and float. It was darling. I even got him to float on his stomach and kick his legs. He'll be a swimmer in no time :) Zander did well with the water after the initial cold shock on his feet, but I would have loved to take him out swimming a little more to see if he likes the water as much as Brayden always has. Another time I guess. Anyway, here's a few pictures of our fun morning/afternoon. Gotta love the pool!!

Stepping on the water hole waiting for water to come out.

walking into the water, belly first. He did this a lot.

Zander was a champ in the stroller the whole time Brayden played in the fountain.

back for some real pool fun!

OK, so not a great picture, but he was so cute in his little suit and rash guard so I tried. It's hard to find time to take pictures when you have two kids at a pool!

PS- HAPPY THREE MONTHS ZANDER!!!! I can't believe my baby is 3 months old already!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Blogging Regime

I've been having a hard time keeping up on blogging lately, which has been a bummer because I haven't been real good at taking pictures of my cute kiddos who are growing so fast! The blog is half the reason I take pictures. So, I've decided that since I can't blog every day about the happenings of our lives that I will start blogging on a weekly basis. Sundays for now. And here we are at the first "weekly blog post."

So, here's our week (and a half)  in review:

- Had our ward trunk-or-treat
- Carved our second pumpkin
- Met Preston's parents in Orlando for Halloween and a week of Disney/Universal (the Harry Potter stuff is AWESOME!)
- Brought Preston's parents to our see our home and town
- Played games for the first time since Zander was born
- Played at the park
- Did 5 loads of laundry
- Brayden decided to have a mess in the bathtub.

Yep, it's been a good week. We loved having Preston's family here. They took us to trick or treat at a place called Old Town in Orlando and that was pretty fun. We got a late start so a lot of places were out of candy, but Brayden certainly doesn't need much. Brayden was dressed as a spider, Preston and I were the web and little Zander was a fly caught in the web :) Hehe.  Most people had to ask about Zander, but oh well. It was still a fun idea. 

Mom and Dad treated us to Disney World and Universal Studios and since we're Florida residence we upgraded to weekday season passes to both places for only $35 total. We're pretty excited! Brayden loved both places and I'm excited to take him back. He's been to Disney 4 times now since he was 6 months old and it's been really interesting to see him become more interested in everything! This time I did something I always thought was crazy . . . waited in line to see Pooh and Tigger. But, as soon as Brayden saw them walking he took off running after them and I just had to wait the 15 minutes to get his picture with them :) I hope that we don't have to do it every time, but just to see that look of pure joy it's totally worth the wait. Now I can understand why there's a long line for characters. Brayden's favorite rides were the carousels, all the rides like Dumbo that go up and around, Pooh, Peter Pan, It's a Small World, The Cat in the Hat. He didn't like Snow White, a Magic Show, Poseidon's fury, or the Olivander's wand shop. They had loud noises that were scary to him I guess. The magic show was just boring for him I think. Oh, and he wasn't too sure about the Pirate's of the Carribean. He seemed to like the drop ok, but it's the dark scary stuff he didn't know about. But, as we pointed things out to him he seemed to do ok and enjoy it in the end. He did really want to ride space mountain and cried when he couldn't get on :)

We haven't used our time to play any games since having Zander for obvious reasons, but we did finally head over to some friends and played a little and then we got to play some with Mom and Dad. I think we're about to the point that we can get back into playing more often.

Zander is either growing or has decided to get into a habit of eating in the middle of the night again. And he still has issues with actually falling asleep and staying asleep at night. Poor guy. We may have to take matters into our own hands soon. I've discovered that I do get ornery when woken up multiple times every night.

Brayden was in the bath Sunday morning and after I washed him off I had to look up a recipe for dinner because I had to get it in the crock pot. So I came to the next room and looked at the ingredients. Right when I was finishing I heard a little whine from Brayden and I told him I was coming right back. By the time I got there I saw a little floaty and there were three logs on the bottom of the tub. Super gross. So, I hurried and pulled Brayden out, got him dressed, tucked him in some covers because our house was 60 degrees that morning (we're trying to save on utilities by not turning the heat on yet and it was a cold weekend) and went and had to put the mess in the toilet and disinfect the bathtub. This was Brayden's first offense with having a mess in the tub and I sure hope it's the last. I was actually impressed that Brayden stayed in his covers the whole time I was cleaning. He wanted a hat for his wet hair, so he had a little beach hat on for quite a while after that. It was pretty cute.

PICTURES TO COME.... I wrote this up on Sunday and then haven't gotten around to loading pics. Now we're on our way to Orlando yet again for Preston's conference and maybe another day at Disney :) But, that's for the next post!