Saturday, May 14, 2011

Little Chef

This was just too cute not to post. Brayden in his new apron helping make lemon bread.

The end mess.

We Miss you Daddy, but we're still having fun! And eating yummy bread :D

Friday, May 13, 2011

Brayden's Update

Two big things have happened with Brayden.

First, NURSERY!! Hallelujah! It's been tough with Preston teaching Elder's Quorum sometimes and me teaching Young Women because Brayden's always in the way it seems like. No offense meant to him, but 11:00 church is practically his naptime and he needs people to entertain him. Very tough when you're teaching. So, you can imagine how nice it was for Mother's Day to teach a lesson not interrupted by my little sweet B. He's only 17 months, but we have wonderful nursery leaders who welcomed him in anyway! And they said he did great! A couple crying moments, but mostly good.

Second, a BIG BOY BED! Yep, that's right, as of yesterday Brayden has a toddler bed. I wasn't going to use it yet because he still seems like he needs a crib. He's kind of a crazy sleeper. But, when he got a huge grin and ran to the bed when we came home last night, we just had to try it out and see how he'd do. And he slept in the bed! Well, he did end up on the floor at some point. Poor kiddo. He actually came walking out once because we hadn't closed the door tightly, but we went and laid him down again. He cried. We sang to him again. He cried for minute when we left.  Then we could just hear him moving around and playing, so we weren't sure if he'd make it back on the bed. When he had been quiet for about 45 minutes, we went in and found him like this:
Looks like he was just so tired he barely made it on the bed :) We did move him onto the pillow though.
I tried unsuccessfully to have nap time in the big boy bed too, but when I checked on him, his bed had open books on it and he was on the floor. So into the crib he went :) But, I'm thinking it will be good to start the transition now so that our crib will be free when we need it with Little Brother. Any suggestions for the transition? I haven't looked into anything. It just sort of happened. Which reminds me that I owe a special thanks to the Smiths for their bed and mattress! I was just going to take the mattress since we have wood to build a bed, but when I saw their bed I couldn't resist. It matches our crib set!!! It's perfect! Thanks so much!! Anyone want a homemade toddler bed? We'll be happy to pass on our supplies! Or, I could even make it for you (it would be a great Personal Progress project for me!).

Missing Preston Already. . .

Preston got an e-mail from our stake President a few days ago saying that our stake was assigned to go to Georgia for some Tornado clean-up and whatever they're in need of. There was a false alarm similar to this a couple weeks ago and our stake was possibly going to Alabama, but they ended up not needing us. So, not only have I hardly seen or interacted with Preston in the last few days because he's had to be emailing and calling people constantly in his spare time to get everything set up (the joys of being Elder's Quorum President) but now he's one his way to help out for the weekend.

Even though I truly do know that he's where he needs to be and doing what Heavenly Father wants him to be, I just miss him. I feel so weak sometimes. I know I can handle Brayden and the home by myself, but it still seems so hard. I've already been dreading next week because he leaves to go to Utah for his best friend's wedding (which is so exciting!), but to find out last minute that he's gone this weekend too is just hard on me. I blame pregnancy hormones for my tears. But seriously, I feel like I don't even know what to do to pass the time. Hello. . . I have Brayden to myself all day anyway, so what's the big deal? Anyway, I just had to vent those feelings and I'm already feeling better. If you happen to read this in the next hour before you leave (or ever for that matter), I miss you so much Preston! You're amazing! I guess it's a good reminder of how much you do for me when I don't have you here.

For all the readers that do read this, I promise I'm happy and I'll be fine. Sometimes we go through those lonely moments, but I feel blessed to have such a wonderful family!

One last random thought. . . isn't it weird to have to cook dinner for yourself and a toddler? I had already planned my meals, so I have soup in the crockpot and rolls rising, but it feels kind of pointless to cook. Anyway, just a thought. Pretty sure we'll eat leftovers tomorrow. And Sunday :D Hehe. HAPPY WEEKEND! Hope you're not lonely too, but if you are, let's get together or talk!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Disney World Highlights

Preston finished up his semester and had a week off last week, so we spent a few days in Orlando. It was tons of fun! Our good friends, the Durtschi's, came with us and it worked great! Between fast passes and kid swaps, we were able to do all the "big rides" and the kid rides that we wanted. The longest line we waited in was no more than 20 minutes!

Brayden also hit a milestone of riding the carousel all by himself! He rode with Daddy once, we stood next to him once and then we let him sit on his own while we were on our own horses too. He felt so big :D He also loved the teacups, which we didn't do last time we went. He was screaming and smiling the whole time.

See how wet he is? But we didn't change him because
 it was so hot out! I wished I got soaked :D

Waiting for the car stunt show. I thought Brayden would love it, but I think he got scared a couple of times.

During one of the stunt scenes. Judging from my face, it was a pretty good one :)
I tried to pretend that it was extra cool so that Brayden wouldn't be afraid.
But, he still had his whiney face on.

Brayden found this at a gift shop and started carrying it away.
 He loves stuffed animals and the bigger the better.

The backstage ride. Soon there were flames and a whole wall of water and
Brayden didn't want to be by the edge any more so he came over to sit by me.

The Durtschi's. The boys love Star Wars!

Tyler got to do Jedi training!

Ready for the Toy Story ride!

My boys.

Family picture

Big Kids :D

First carousel ride. I guess my belly must be getting bigger because Brayden decided he'd rather ride on Daddy's lap!


My favorite part was when Preston put his hands in the air and then Brayden did it at the end. Something about those little arms that barely reach above his head when they're stretched out just couldn't be cuter! Especially when he's got a big grin on his face. When it stopped, he tried to turn the wheel to make it go.

Winnie the Pooh

Last carousel ride. It was the end of the day and we had just pulled out binky and blanky, but he still looked proud to be a big boy on his own horse when he was riding!

Brayden loved the pool! He kept walking until the water was up to his chin and then he still didn't want to be held.

He also found a new love of climbing out of the pool and then coming back in. He loved "jumping" from the edge if we were holding his hands.