Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Didn't March just begin? And yet my calendar says otherwise. . . hmmm. Well, here's our month in review. Mumsy (my mom) came to visit again for 2 weeks. Preston had his Spring break, but had to work most of the week anyway. However, he did get to join my mom and I in Orlando for one day at Universal Studios and a temple visit. So fun! Besides that, we did several projects with my mom - yard work, getting carpets cleaned, painting a file cabinet with chalkboard paint for the boys, etc.  And of course the boys keep growing up! Here's their newest.

Zander popped out another tooth on the 9th! He now has two bottom teeth that are very adorable :) He is now sitting. He has mastered the walker and goes wherever he likes. He's already trying to open cabinets and doors. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth, but no crawling yet. He talks lots and we have many "conversations" during the day. My favorite talking face of his involves holding his chin to the side while he talks. I can't really describe it, but it's so silly and cute.  He has slowed down in his growth and when we went to the Doc this month he was only at about 50% instead of 80%.  But, he's still full of cute baby chunks! He loves to eat food and surprisingly seems to enjoy some of his veggies more than his fruits. Not so much peas, but carrots, squash and sweet potatoes are his favorites. His favorite fruit is Apple Strawberry Banana.  He is also getting into a good nap routine! YAY!!!!! 2 naps (every now and then 3) that last at least an hour.  But, he keeps waking up every night around 3:00 am. He doesn't eat and he's comforted pretty easily, but he just can't stop waking.

Some of my favorite little Zander-isms are when he uses his "pinchers" and grabs things with only his tiny pointer finger and thumb out. He can grab lots of things with his pinchers. He loves to grab my nose and my wedding ring like that. My other current favorite thing he does is when he's eating.  If he's holding something like a spoon he loves it when I tap his spoon with the one I'm feeding him with. He laughs and gets the hugest grin (which is always a nice way to get him to open!).  If I see him holding his arm out to me with a spoon in hand and a sparkle in his eye, I know exactly what he wants - A little tap tap from Mum mum :)  Love it.

Brayden is quite a little talker, but likes to slur/change words a lot so I can understand most of what he says, but everyone else only gets about half. Haha. Improvement though. He now says or tries to say almost everything we ask him to.  And he's using little sentences.  He still says "joo joo" (for hold you) when he wants me to hold him, but other than that one thing he's figured out the you/me thing and refer to himself as "me." He also has named himself Den, but it sometimes sounds like Zden. Sort of close to the "Zan" that he uses for Zander. He did call Zander Zow a couple of times too. He just comes up with the strangest names for things.

He still loves singing Twinkle little star and can now do several variations.  We like to sing it fast, super fast, up high, rap style, and whispering. Haha. Very silly. He's also getting to the stage where he knows when something is silly or doesn't belong. For example, we were driving to school the other day and Brayden was singing his twinkle little star and then started talking about the houses he saw. Then he said twinkle little house. I asked "twinkle little house?" And he laughed and laughed and kept saying twinkle little house and laughing at himself.  He's done a couple things like that.

Besides Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, he now sings all his bedtime primary songs with us and for any words that are too fast or hard for him he just grunts until he can say the word. Haha.  And he's now wanting "his" music on in the car too, so we have lots of children's tunes on these days and he likes to sing along.

Brayden now loves the idea of friends. He can say "friend's house" and has asked to go play. He  gets excited when I tell him we're gonna see friends and it's really cute.

He's also liking to do things by himself. If he wants to do something and I come to help, he'll tell me "No. Self."

Basically, I have very good, very cute children and I love them so much!

Oh, and I can't wait for General Conference this weekend!!