Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I just like this video of the boys.  Brayden hitching a ride on the walker.  My favorite part is when Brayden takes a yogurt bite and notices there's only one left, so he hurries and grabs that one too.  What a sneaky boy. Right after I finished videoing, Brayden clapped and said "Yay. All gone."

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Update

We've been doing well and have some pictures to share.  They're all just random glimpses into our lives.  Since our last update, Zander has had a few firsts.

1. Zander ate his first pretzel stick successfully and now eats basically any kind of cracker.  Goldfish usually make him throw up later for whatever reason. 
2. Zander had his first bath without his baby seat and sat like a champ.
3. Zander brushed his teeth for the first time and actually let me brush them without resisting.
4. Zander sat in a car cart with Brayden at Publix.  As soon as I put him in Brayden cried "No! Zander out!" haha. But, as soon as Zander was in he started driving the wheel like he knew what it was! So, I told Brayden that Zan had been watching him to learn how to do it.  Brayden would occasionally reach over to Zander's steering wheel and say "teach Zan how." haha. 
5.  It seems like a while ago now, but Zander also had his first wagon ride. He loved it.

Other updates include, our garage door broke (thankfully the part is only $15), we have a moth/worm problem in our laundry room that is finally on it's way out (I hope!), my Dad came to visit for a day because he had a meeting about a job in Orlando (wouldn't that be cool?), and Preston and I have decided to go back to the CES: seminaries and institutes plan. 


We'll finish the PhD here, but then we just feel like this was a scenic route to where we knew we needed to be all along. But, this was definitely part of the plan for us.  It has felt right to be in Tallahassee so we couldn't figure out why Preston still wasn't really feeling settled about his future career as a professor.  After talking about maybe going back to seminary it became clear pretty quickly that that's where we want to be and need to be.  We both still kinda feel like we won't be teaching seminary forever, but that's where we need to start. Who knows where the road may lead us.  Just a little FYI.   

Haha. The bath pictures are just random from when I was trying to get pictures. These are about the best ones I could get of them. Haha. No cooperation sometimes.

First wagon ride!
Random cuteness outside. We often come out on the deck
when Zander gets fussy or restless during Brayden's nap.
He calms right down.

The only picture I managed the day my dad was visiting.

First time brushing his teeth!

Easter Festivities in Pictures

Kind of a late Easter post, but for some reason my iPhoto saved my pictures to a different place than normal and I finally sat down to figure out why I couldn't find them.  Anyway, we had fun and did more for Easter this year than we have any other year since we've been married. I think Brayden's at the age where we need to start more traditions.  So, we died 4 dozen eggs on Saturday (yes, a lot) and put together a few little gift buckets for our friends here and delivered a few Saturday night and a few Sunday afternoon.  Brayden really liked giving them to his friends :)

 On actual Easter, I assisted Preston in making out first Turkey.  According to Preston, it was the best turkey ever.  I don't know why, but ever since being pregnant with Brayden, meats just aren't as yummy to me, so even thought it was really good, it was still just meat to me. Haha. So sad.  Anyway, we had a couple people over last minute and they participated in our egg hunt around the house.  I thought it was a success! Brayden definitely had fun and shouted "yeah!" everytime he spotted an egg.  He found more than I expected without any help!
mixing the dye

Our lovely eggs
The gift buckets (or bowls. . . haha)
This is what we had left for Sunday deliveries.

the Easter goods. The baskets just had empty eggs
in them until the next afternoon after naps.
The black file cabinet came from our neighbors
 curb when they were moving a while ago
 and we painted it with chalkboard paint.
It's great! A perfect place to keep coloring
stuff and also magnetic!

Brayden discovering his Easter basket with goodies
 from after-Easter sales last year and a bunch from Grandy.

Some egg chalk that we tried out on the cabinet!

showing Zander his pop-up egg.

new book!

Zander chilled happily on the rocking horse for the whole egg hunt.

looking for last few eggs no one found yet.

counting them up to make sure we got them all.  We didn't :)
Now it was out turn to hunt for our own hiding places.
haha. Short term memory?

Our Easter gang before we all parted for separate Easter Evenings.