Friday, January 20, 2012

Play Time

Yesterday we played hard, me and the boys. We traded toy bins, which was extra exciting since there's new Christmas toys in all of them! There was a little Choo choo train that Zander got that spits balls out the top and Brayden was loving it for the longest time. When I finally had the good sense to let Zander be involved, Brayden loved it even more.  He wanted Zander to keep putting the balls in the train. It was awesome. Reminder to me that families that play together, stay together. Plus, I got my first pics of the boys together that I like! (it only took 5 months :) )

And while we're at it, here's some more pics of the best boys from the past week.

Flying a kite on MLK day

I was actually surprised that Brayden didn't let go of the kite at all.
He just kept walking with it.

Zander loves to grab his toes these days.

Cute feet and a good grip

And the play mat goes to the mouth. . . just like everything Zander gets a hold of.

I'm the luckiest Momma, if you ask me. Speaking of Moms. . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! It was yesterday, but it still counts :) I wish we could've celebrated with you! And this concludes another attempt to catch up on the blog.