Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Recent Adventures

St. Patrick's Day  - Fun Station
Can you guess what Brayden's favorite game was? Yep - the Car Racing games. We didn't even have to really play. . . he just liked sitting there watching the video it played.

We played at least 3 free games of basketball because their machines just kept saying it was ready to start.

Mini Golfing!
Mission San Louis

The Park

The Florida History Museum (in Grandma's Attic. . . Brayden's favorite part)

Award's Ceremony

Preston getting recognized for his teaching scholarship
 Retirement Party at WAKULLA SPRINGS

teaching Brayden checkers :D

On the Boat waiting for the tour

Osprey Nest in the top of the tree

hugs for Daddy

Our first Alligator spotting since we moved here!


More birds

A face-off to claim the territory. The one on the left is the biggest gator in Wakulla Springs right now. I think they said he's like 7 feet or something. The craziest thing is that there are 400-600 gators in a 3 mile radius here!! And yet we go swimming. . . ?

The clear water (with the reflection of some clouds)