Monday, June 25, 2012

New Callings

We both got new callings 2 weeks ago.  Preston got released as Elder's Quorum President and called as a seminary teacher.  This was expected given our new change in life plans - to go back to the Church Education System and get a job there.  However, the stake president had great things to say.  He was very complimentary of Preston's job as EQ president (he has really brought home teachers number up a TON and has been really good for the quorum).  But, he also said that he usually doesn't like any of "his people" (I'm guessing they split up the callings they're in charge of?) to be suggested for seminary because it's taking them out of other good callings, etc.  When Preston was suggested though he said he didn't have to think twice.  He knew it was a perfect fit and was especially happy that it could help with his future career.  That was a nice testimony booster.  I know it will be early mornings at least for Preston and take a lot of prep time.  I'm sure it'll be a challenge.  But, the feeling I got when they sustained him in church was an overwhelming confirmation that this is the will of the Lord.  Knowing that will be imperative at times I'm sure.  It makes all the sacrifice worth it knowing that what we're doing is in line with Heavenly Father's plan.

My new calling isn't life changing, but I'm very excited nonetheless.  I got released as the Personal Progress adviser and got called as the Primary Chorister!  I think it'll require a little more time, but also much more structured and maybe even more fun.  Depends on your definition of fun.  I really enjoyed the Young Women!  But, primary will be like spiritual playtime :) hehe.  I'm excited.  I did it for the first time yesterday and it went well!  But, as I mentioned before, I'm leaving this Friday for California to meet my family and then I'll head back to Utah with them.  I won't be back til August 18th, so I won't get to really jump into it until I get back. 

Anyway, exciting changes here.  Yay for keeping life interesting.

Just Playin

Here's some pictures of life lately. Enjoy!

Brayden standing inside a mega blocks castle

He likes to ride the horsey

My two guys.  I like to play 1-2-3 make a face. This time I said 1-2-3 happy face so Brayden smiled :)

My boys hard at work

Pressure washing our deck

Look at the difference!

We cleaned off the house too. . . this just shows the difference


This is Preston's Father's Day gift box.  I covered a little box with fancy paper that matched the picture page and then made a matching little sign too.  It's a "Top Pop" box full of everything pop I could think of (popcorn, pop tarts, lolly pops, and soda pop).  Plus a couple little pages - one with a family picture and one with a poem and the boys traced footprints.

Brayden watching the garbage truck go around the couldesac on its way to our house.

waving at the garbage guy

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my big helper - insisted on carrying the recycle bin all by himself.

Just hanging out on the bed

Zander was intent on taking Sadie's toy.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Potty Training

Just wanted to let you all know that the potty training has continued progressing, but little bits at a time.  Mostly because I haven't even offered underwear to Brayden most days lately.   We're leaving for a month and a half on Friday, so I kinda figured I should wait for after that to get this training done.  Plus, we only have 3 of the good training underwear from Gerber (definitely recommend! They don't leak into the pants easily!).  But, we've had some great successes to share too!

Brayden went grocery shopping with me in underwear and couldn't have any wets in the toilet before we left.  It had been around 2 hours since he'd gone, so I was pretty worried!  But, when we literally had one item left to grab he started doing some whining and then it hit me that he was in underwear (still adjusting!), so I asked if he needed to go.  He always says no until he just can't hold it anymore, so I was figuring I should probably head up toward the bathrooms.  Sure enough a minute later Brayden said something about going to the bathroom.  So, I zoomed into the family restroom with the boys and got Brayden on the big toilet (for his first time) and didn't have many options for Zander- he was on the floor.  Disgusting I know.  You better believe I washed his hands too.  Anyway, Brayden totally went in the toilet and was so thrilled!  We went and picked out a treat, got the eggs we needed and then went to check out. After checking out he said "I need to use bathroom again."  So, I took him in again because I knew he also probably needed to go number 2 (we call it his "messies"), but the family restroom was locked, so we used the handicap stall.  Turns out they have an infant seat in that one.  Way better!  So, if you're ever at the Walmart on Monroe with 2 kids, use the normal bathroom.  Oh yeah, and as soon as he sat down he said "no more pushes.  All done." 

That same day he took a nap in his underwear and when he woke up after a 2 hour nap I could've sworn he was dry.  I tried to feel and couldn't feel anything, but when we went into the bathroom 15 minutes later (when he was awake enough) his underpants were a little damp.  I was still impressed and he still used the toilet, but it wasn't a complete success. 

We have yet to overcome having his "messy" in the toilet.  He doesn't want to try.  He asked me for a diaper one time because he was so desperate to push.  But, he cried when I brought up the toilet. I dropped it and gave him a diaper.  Silly kiddo. 

I'm very impressed and relieved at this whole potty training deal with Brayden!  He doesn't even ask for a treat anymore!  He's getting big.