Thursday, October 8, 2009


Yep, I've done it again. I put off updating the blog and then everything stacks up :D

1. First, update on the DVD project. Just look at this beauty.
Preston and I bought the shelves, put them up ourselves and finished cataloging all the DVDs. All the movies on the shelf are in alphabetical order and now have little letters on the edge of the shelf to make it easier to find them. All the movies that are stacked below the shelves are the duplicates. Those we get to ask around the family to see what belongs to who and then ... PAYMENT! We get to choose what we want out of all the duplicates, then offer them to the rest of the family and then sell the rest! It will be fun!

Next step in the project = starting over with our little (or not so little) collection of edited DVDs.

2. Baby Brown update. Everything still looks good! I'm low on iron, but I started a supplement for that. We're in week 30 now!! That's pretty exciting. The most exciting news is that we finally got a crib. Woohoo! It's not set up yet, but I couldn't pass up the deal that we found. It's a nursery in a box and comes with a crib, a changing table and a small dresser. How much did it cost? $199!! Gotta love Walmart ... well, most of the time :) It's usually $230 and I'v been planning to buy the set if I didn't come across anything better, but when I saw it on sale, I told Preston we should just get it! I already have a bedding set that I got for $5 from craigslist that's practically new. So, we're slowly collecting the many things that we need. But I was pretty excited about the crib! To top it off, Preston surprised me with the basinet that I had told him that I kinda wanted to get if we decided that we would get one. Again, a great deal -$45. I walked into the bedroom after General Conference on Sunday and he had it all set up waiting for me. I love Preston! What a sweetie! I didn't take a picture of the whole thing, but here's a picture of the baskets in the bottom that Tigger decided looked pretty cozy.

3. Grad school applications ... bleh. Preston has to study for the GRE like crazy and take it so that he can start applying for grad schools. So, every day he spends about an hour or 2 studying when he gets home from work. It's lame that it takes away from our together time, but it's good that he's getting serious about it because deadlines are going to come a lot faster than we wish to think!

I'm also applying for grad school. I'm applying for the Masters of Social Work program at the U. Their deadline is November 1st, so I now have, umm, 3 weeks to finish that. Not happy. But, really happy at the same time. I just don't like tracking down people and following up on letters of recommendation and all that jazz. Good news is that 3 of the 4 letters are in. Bad news is that I can't seem to get in touch with the 4th one since they agreed to do it. I may have to try to find another willing soul. Other than that, all I need to finish are my 2 essays for the application and then take it in. My goal is next Friday. We'll see how that goes!

4. Crazy Boys. (What am I getting myself into adding another crazy boy to the family?? :)) Rob and Steve (Preston's friends) came over for crepes and conference on Sunday and then we played games in between sessions. After conference we made some homemade sushi and then went to Preston's house to play more games with them. It was fun. But, I forget how crazy boys are. Exhibit A:
Meet Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael ... Michealangelo's out partying :)

Conference Cuddling :)
Steve picking preston up with one arm ...

that was easy. Now let's try holding Rob in the other arm!
Something about their faces tells me that Steve's shoulders are NOT the most comfortable place to be :)

Here's the rest of our conference pictures:

At the Saturday afternoon session with Savannah & Craig. Thanks for joining us guys!

Making the sushi

Eating the sushi. Mmm. And if you think I'm just holding the dog and not enjoying my sushi, you are sadly mistaken ... I was almost finished with my sushi, so I took a little break to let everyone else catch up :)

Well folks. That's about it for now. Preston should be home soon and I should do one of the many things on my list :) Luckily, no work tomorrow so I have some more time to catch up on everything! Which I should mention, the job is going well! It's a lot of fun! I'm still in training, but next Tuesday we have our first day of "practice sittings" so I get to really take pictures and try to sell them, but the people are aware that they are practice so they MAY not be the absolute best. Speaking of, DOES ANYONE WANT THEIR PICTURE TAKEN?? I have to provide 10 groups/ separate sittings for the other trainee and she provides for me. So ... help! If you're interested in getting your family, baby, or just yourself photographed I would love love LOVE to help! :D

The End.