Friday, August 31, 2012

The Boys

My boys have both grown so much!  In size and personality! 

Brayden always has something to say and loves to repeat anything and everything.  In addition, he's now big enough to hit his head on our counter.  He must have grown an inch while we were gone!  He is using a binky again (I think he missed Daddy while we were away and regressed a bit).  He is still taking a nap.  Usually.  But, I have to open his door at 2 or 3 to help him wake up sooner so he'll still go to bed at 7:30 or 8.  Some days he doesn't nap, but he still gets rather ornery on those occasions.  So we try for a nap :)  He loves friends right now and will ask to play with them.  He loves playing with Zander, but only if they start playing together.  If Zander's jumping in to share his toys he's not such a big fan.  He wears big boy underpants all day now with a few exceptions.  One being when he needs to have a messy.  He hasn't quite decided he wants to do that in the toilet yet.  He did it once at Preston's parents house while we were gone and was so proud.  He still talks about it, but asks for a diaper anyway.  I've decided that I can just wait for him to be ready.  He's done awesome with everything else! He even holds it during his 3 hour naps! Amazing.  He also wears a diaper at night.  I'm not actually sure how or when to stop that either. . . I don't think he's ready yet, but I haven't tried.  I'm usually fairly perceptive about when he's ready, so I'm just holding off for a bit.  Anyway, besides potty training and all that,  he is becoming a very sweet boy.  He loves to be my helper and is actually quite helpful.  He puts laundry baskets back, puts trash cans away, throws things away, helps clean up toys.   He is amazing.  I've started letting him help clear the table on occasion.  But sometimes (like tonight)  I don't really clear the table.  I do the very minimum and there are still a few things on the table.  It'll be a bummer in the morning, but I'm exhausted. 

Zander is getting so big!  He is very bright and picks up on things very quickly!  He can say several words clearly enough that other people can understand.  He doesn't consistently talk, but he does say single words.  Today he said "juice" and he was pointing at juice box of Brayden's.  He usually just opens his mouth and pants at me if he wants food or drink.  He's like a little puppy :)  He has said "stars," "doggy," "Daddy," "Mum mum," "Jesus," "temple," "moon,"  "bird," "Grandy,"  and a lot of other on-timers.  He walks 50% of the time.  I think he's a little afraid of falling on our hardwood floors, so he's pretty cautious.  He still has the best laugh and the best moments of my days are when Brayden and Zander both decide the same thing is funny and they have a laughing fest.  Even if they're laughing at me, it's THE BEST!  Zander currently has 5 teeth and tons of light blonde hair.  Both boys got some pretty awesome tans at Lake Powell.  They're fading, but man, they have such great skin!  Zander has developed a very sneeky side and thinks it's hilarious to do whatever I warn him not to.  Every kid has to go through it I guess, but it can be really annoying sometimes when I really mean no.  Zander loves high fives!  He has started helping to clean up too.  He tossed half the mega blocks into their bin today! He is also learning to leave his binky in the crib when we leave.  He'll toss it in himself.  Zander loves pulling things out.  He loves to explore cupboards too.  He is my into-everything baby.  He is soaking everything up socially.  He is very socially advanced in my opinion.  He started laughing at a week old and was already interactive on a small level.  He loves to be involved and enjoys watching shows with Brayden.  Hmm... what else?  I'm sure there's so much I'm missing, but he is still a little bundle of joy.

Go Zan, Go!

Yep. . . in to everything!

Haha.  I thought it was awesome how they were sitting back to back.  It didn't last for long.

Loves his train set.  This is an example of something he doesn't always love to share :D

Brayden attempting the slolem ski on Wii fit

Watching a show together.  Haha. Look at those expressions! It looks like they're watching something complex or disturbing. Haha.  I really have no clue.